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Diner Coming to Downtown Crossing!?

3/06/2009 12:01:00 AM
This is the most exciting Downtown Crossing news I've read for a while. According to the Boston Courant, William Ashmore is planning on opening a diner in Downtown Crossing. Those of you who haven't heard of Mr. Ashmore - he owns Ivy Restaurant and is also working on Stoddard's (here).

His newest concept is for a 1960's style diner based on the 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible. In keeping with the theme of the car, the diner would be called the Continental Diner.

YAY! A place that's closeby to eat breakfast (or brunch) in the mornings. My favorites when I lived in the South End were Metropolis Cafe and Charlie's Kitchen. I did also recently go to the Ball Square Cafe and have one of their famous caramelized waffles. That thing was DELICIOUS. But it's kind of a pain finding parking there.

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3 Response to "Diner Coming to Downtown Crossing!?"

  1. Ron Newman Said,

    Where will this diner be moved from, and what empty lot will it be placed on?

    Posted on 3/6/09, 7:22 AM

  2.   Said,

    This sounds like an interesting project. We should mention Richard J. S. Gutman has been involved in many diner restorations and consulted on the Silver Diner chain of diners.

    Here's a link to the museum's diner exhibit as mentioned in the article.
    -Diner News and History staff

    Posted on 3/6/09, 8:16 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I was at the meeting where Ashmore announced his plan and showed us the menu.At the end of the whole presentation he explained that he didn't have a lease yet and it wouldn't be opened until at least 2011 or later. The media always jumps the gun. Why don't we see when his current project opens first. (Stoddards) then maybe he can move onto the diner. He said Stoddards would be opened in April. It's not even close. This guy gets so much free PR! Let him pay for it sometimes like the rest of us. The space he is considering is on West Street. Not even remotely close to being anything other than a plan.

    Posted on 3/8/09, 1:11 PM


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