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What's It Like to Fly on Virgin?

2/17/2009 12:01:00 AM
The Globe has a nice article that talks at length about all the amenities available on the new Virgin America flights from Boston to SF and LA and also mentions that they're priced to give folks like Jetblue a run for their money. Yay for competition driving prices down.

The purple ceiling lights evoke a lounge atmosphere. Music videos and video games fill touch-screen monitors built into seatbacks. Hand-held keyboards can be pulled out of armrests to send instant messages to other passengers. And trance music mixed by Paris DJs is piped into restrooms.

The Burlingame, Calif.-based carrier's fares out of Boston will start at $149 one way - undercutting the market by $15 to $40 each way, although competitors sometimes match prices.

The seats also have electrical sockets for your laptop and wireless will be available on the planes as well (for a charge). Sounds pretty great to me. The last time I flew US Airways, they charged $2 for a coke. It's nice to see someone come in with some amenities. Especially since oil prices are back down now. Can we have our beverages back?

PS. How did they know I like to pee to the sounds of French techno music? Oooh Lala...

Click (here) to read the rest of the Globe article.

Click (here) for some pics from the Virgin America launch party.

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