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Stephi's On Tremont Coming Soon

2/10/2009 12:01:00 AM
I got a disgruntled comment from an anonymous reader last week (here) who didn't seem to like me pulling blog topics/content from the Globe and the Herald. I'm not going to stop, mostly because they're amongst the best sources for Boston-area celebrity news, but today's series of posts will come from neither the Globe nor the Herald in honor of the disgruntled reader.

First off, from Stuff@Night, I read that Stephanie's take-over of the Garden of Eden is almost complete.

Would you be shocked if we told you the South End is adding another restaurant to its repertoire? Didn't think so. We gave you the heads-up about restaurateur Stephanie Sokolove's second eatery — Stephi's on Tremont (571 Tremont Street, Boston) — last summer; the space is slated to finally open its doors in the former home of Garden of Eden on restaurant row in February. Stephi's is like Stephanie's younger sister: a smaller version of the Back Bay mainstay that's taken the best qualities of its sibling — the cozy bar, one of the best people-watching patios in the city, and warm-you-up comfort foods like mac and cheese, gooey grilled cheese on brioche, and crunchy fish and chips — and put them into smaller digs in a trendier neighborhood. The menus and price points are similar, but Stephi's has 66 dining room seats compared with Stephanie's 245, so snagging a chair here is an even bigger score than at the original.

Seeing as how we're in February now, I wandered over to Tremont St. last night to check it out. It's not open yet. But hopefully it will be soon - I'll let you know when I hear something. The pic I snapped in the upper left corner is the sign that's currently covering a few of the windows.

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1 Response to "Stephi's On Tremont Coming Soon"

  1. Stephanie Falcon Said,

    Stephi's on Tremont opens March 10th 2009 so make reservations asap because its going to be a great night!

    Posted on 3/2/09, 4:20 PM


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