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I just watched the Wedding Singer again this past weekend for probably the 100th time (it was on TBS or TNT again). I'm a fan of Adam Sandler, I remember watching him on SNL while growing up, and also a friend of mine had a few of his "albums" which we'd listen to all the time.

According to the Globe, Adam Sandler and a huge crew of other folks will be in town in May to film a new comedy.

New Hampshire native Adam Sandler (above) and a promising cast of cut-ups that includes David Spade, Chris Rock, and Kevin James, are on their way to Boston to shoot a goofy new comedy. To be directed by Dennis Dugan, who's been behind the camera for a string of Sandler films, including "You Don't Mess With the Zohan," "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry," and "Happy Gilmore," the new, still-untitled movie is about a group of guys who return to the town where they grew up. (Sounds a little like Lawrence Kasdan's "The Big Chill," but, hopefully, funnier.) We're told the cast also includes Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi, and Norm MacDonald. The female leads haven't been set yet, but Salma Hayek's name has been mentioned as a possibility. Dugan was scouting locations here last week, and went to the Celtics-Lakers game with the film's production designer and the screenwriter Fred Wolf, whose credits include the comedies "Joe Dirt" and "Black Sheep." (They're all Lakers fans, so they were pleased with the outcome of the game.) The shoot is expected to start in May and last 66 days, which is longer than some other recent made-in-Massachusetts comedies.

If they do get Salma Hayek, it'll be just about a year since her last visit to Boston (that I know of) - she was here to christen a boat last May (here).

Click (here) to read the Globe blurb.

UPDATE 3/17/09: Movie will be filmed in Essex (here).

UPDATE 3/23/09: Salma Hayek and others join the cast (here).

UPDATE 3/31/09: Filming in Centennial Grove (here).

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22 Response to "New Adam Sandler Movie Filming in May"

  1. Unknown Said,

    Any idea on casting dates, times, or other leads on back ground actors, etc..?

    Posted on 3/8/09, 9:26 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    They have already started auditions and are still in the process of casting the kids of Adam Sandler,Chris Rock, and Kevin James. My daughter auditioned for Adam Sandler and Salma Hayak's daughter.

    Posted on 4/3/09, 4:31 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    right i've heard of Sandler wanting to film in NH soon

    Posted on 4/3/09, 7:48 PM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    Looks like they may be doing some filming in Sturbridge too.

    Posted on 4/10/09, 7:48 PM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    casting for lakehouse is this weekend. and we are not scheduled to film @ Sturbridge Village

    Posted on 5/2/09, 1:13 PM

  6. Anonymous Said,

    are they casting in La for the kids

    Posted on 5/2/09, 5:29 PM

  7. Anonymous Said,

    They are filming at Chicobee Lake in Hamilton Mass right now!!!!

    Posted on 7/13/09, 9:57 PM

  8. Anonymous Said,

    I heard Water Whizz in Wareham, MA sometime in August

    Posted on 7/24/09, 11:58 PM

  9. kimbo Said,

    The filming in Wareham starts this week at water whiz.I have no clue why they would have picked this hick town but who am I to judge.My husband works for the police,so I am hoping for some autographs.I will take anybodies but that fat guy from mall cop

    Posted on 8/2/09, 2:56 AM

  10. Macro Said,

    there setting up to shoot a water wizz in wareham which i thinks pretty cool since imma big fan an i work right on cranberry highway itd b cool to c him... some guy came to my work askin if they could use the parkin lot for the cars but they said no which is pretty gayy

    Posted on 8/7/09, 1:43 AM

  11. Anonymous Said,

    i live in warham and went down today to chack the place out..but we couldn't see any one.which really sucked

    Posted on 8/10/09, 12:38 PM

  12. Anonymous Said,

    I'm just bitter they didn't call me for background work.

    Posted on 8/10/09, 10:23 PM

  13. Unknown Said,

    I think it is great they are at Water Wizz and are in Wareham. Hope the future holds more movies in the area. Plymouth Rock Studios will be a plus to all as well in Plymouth, MA. Oh yea, saw David Spade at Wendy's today on Cranberry Hwy.

    Posted on 8/11/09, 11:02 PM

  14. Unknown Said,

    I think it is great that Water Wizz and Wareham were chosen. Perhaps more movies to follow in the area when Plymouth Rock Studios opens in Plymouth, MA.
    Oh yea, was behind David Spade at Wendy's on Cranberry Hwy.

    Posted on 8/11/09, 11:06 PM

  15. Unknown Said,

    I'm gonna show up tomorrow in a thong and see if they let me in .

    Posted on 8/11/09, 11:36 PM

  16. Anonymous Said,

    We wee just at water whizz and saw Adam Sandler and Selma Hayek filming by the wave pool. It was fun to watch, but they hogged the wave pool all day. I think the film crew should have done something for all the paying customers who coulld only use half the park at full price.

    Posted on 8/12/09, 3:17 PM

  17. Anonymous Said,

    ...all this means is i'll have more traffic to deal with today.

    Posted on 8/14/09, 12:06 PM

  18. Becca Said,

    I was at Water Wizz in Wareham, MA last Saturday and they were setting up to film & I heard like this weekend (today & tomorrow) part of the water park will be closed because of the filming. That's what the lady at the front desk of Water Wizz said. So yeah! :)

    Posted on 8/15/09, 12:26 PM

  19. J.MACRO Said,

    so yea idk what some of these ppl on here r talkin bout they needa get there stuff straight before talkin on here cuz they still filmin at water wizz well there still all set up around there i guess they where also filmin at a school in town....the stupid thing is i live an town an its funny to hear the talk the ppl that now think there famous cuz they went to water wizz an seen the actions i mean don get me wrong adams my favorite actor but ppl postin shit on myspace im in the movie im in the movie i got a part its like plz stfu for real cuz in reality they in the back or not even in it.....but one thing i found cool was that adam was in onset on the beach i guess an ppl wheren even rly botherin him an goin into walmart right next to water wizz but i heard the chick in the movie i forget her name but i heard she was a big bitch walkin around gettin fed an being to good 4 fans which aint cool cuz for real u jus a person aint nuttin again ppl that live here stop thinkin u a movie star for real shits annoyin

    Posted on 8/17/09, 11:25 PM

  20. J.MACRO Said,

    my bad to the ppl that i said didn kno stuff ha i was readin earlier comments my b but still wareham fags grow up yall aint movie stars now it was a bad choice pickin this town now that all ppl r gonna b talkin bout thinkin there cool i think any real ppl that live here will agree this towns gay most ppl in it r gayy an yea now the rumors begin

    Posted on 8/17/09, 11:44 PM

  21. Anonymous Said,

    J.macro please grow the **** up. If this movie was filmed in any other town people would be acting the same way when they might be a backround in a movie. Also water wizz is mostly tourist. I'm from wareham and not a lot of wareham kids actualy go to water wizz more than once every two years. Who ever said it was a hick town its really not even close. There is a trailer park across from water wizz but that's the only hick thing I've seen in wareham. There are some trashy people and a lot of the kids think there a bunch of gangsters but its not a hick town. So please know what your talking about before you write something.

    Posted on 8/21/09, 2:47 AM

  22. Anonymous Said,

    As of today... filming has resumed at a Peabody MA, hotspots for Gentlemen called The Caberet. Just drove by and seen all the trailors!!!

    Posted on 6/28/11, 7:05 AM


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