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Ok, so I finally got a chance to take advantage of the Lobster Small Plates at B&G last night (here). Me and a couple of friends ended up eating there after heading to Banq and finding it closed - oops - didn't know they were closed on Mondays. It's Banq's loss - otherwise it'd be their pictures up here. I wanted to check it out after reading about their design award (here). I'll head over there eventually.

I had a few oysters and then my friends and I split several of the small plates (we ordered all of them except 2). Lobster Consomme, Lobster Arancini, Stuffed Lobster, Lobster Gnocci with Saffron. Sorry for not snapping any pics of the small plates, we were so hungry that we kept on grabbing food before I remembered to snap a pic of the dish.

It was all very delicious - which is what I come to expect from B&G. I love that place.

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