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How Long Does It Take To Shave Legs?

2/24/2009 12:01:00 AM
My friend Rachael over at Kiehl's thought you ladies might want to enter a contest that they're currently running to win a year's supply of shave cream from Kiehl's. And for those of you who are trivia buffs, Svetlana Pankratova has the longest legs in the world.

With 4 feet, 4 inch legs, Svetlana needs to take extra care when shaving, and she’s chosen Kiehl’s “Close Shaverettes” Simply Mahvelous Legs Shave Cream to smooth and nourish every inch of her legs. Through March 15, customers in our free-standing stores and on can guess exactly how long it takes Svetlana to shave her legs, down to the second. There will be one winner per store, and one winner from The customer in each of our free-standing stores and who comes closest to the exact answer, above or below, will win a full year of “Close Shaverettes” Simply Mahvelous Legs Shave Cream.

I can't even begin to guess how long it takes to shave one's legs. My friend Jon may know. I think he said he had to do it for biking and/or swimming ... or maybe he was just saying that.

If you haven't used Kiehl's products. They're great. I use a lot of their products, but not their leg shaving cream.

Click (here) to enter online or swing by the store on Newbury St.

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3 Response to "How Long Does It Take To Shave Legs?"

  1. Unknown Said,

    I hate you, and as I recall it takes about 5 min/leg.

    Posted on 2/24/09, 11:38 AM

  2. Dan Dan Said,

    The better question isn't how long it takes total, but how long it takes per unit surface area.

    Now, as I remember, Jon has skinny, remarkably girl-like legs, meaning his five minutes is similar to rate it'd take a typical woman per linear foot. Now, if Jon is 6' tall and the average male is half legs, his legs are 3' tall. That means that, if Svetlana's legs are 4'4", and Jon shaves his girly legs at the same rate as Svetlana, then she'd take 7 minutes and 13 seconds to shave.

    I just submitted that to Kiehl' Let's see how close that comes!

    Posted on 2/24/09, 2:32 PM

  3. fibrowitch Said,

    Since her legs are just about as long as I am tall. My first guess would be, about as long as it takes me to shower. It never takes the same amount of time to do either. It all depends on how long your leg hairs are, how sharp the blade is. How well the shaving cream did it's job. The coverage amount. There is no one 'time' it takes.

    Yes I use to be married, and he use to ask me how long it took to get ready. As an engineer, as a person who designed jobs, I felt it was something I should know.

    I discovered there were to many tangents. No one shaving session was the same as another. Then he got serious about bike racing and started shaving his legs. Suddenly my grooming habits were not the topic of discussion.

    Posted on 2/24/09, 3:20 PM


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