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Price Fixed Meals Around Town

1/16/2009 12:01:00 AM
I think it's partly due to the recession, but restaurants all over are doing multiple-course price fixed meals to drum up business. The Globe sampled a few of them and had reasonably good things to say.

The results: For the most part, these menus stack up well, offering good food at good prices. Dishes rely more on inexpensive ingredients, or feature luxury in small amounts - lobster sauce instead of lobster, truffle oil instead of truffles. We found a lot of stews, potatoes, and cassoulets. In exchange for a low price tag, diners generally give up a bit of variety, and sometimes a bit of refinement.

Here are the restaurants they visited:

51 Lincoln
Da Vinci
Hamersley's Bistro
T.W. Food

Click (here) for the full reviews.

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