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This isn't exactly Boston related, but it's a pretty awesome deal for a great cause. I'm not the most "green" person I know but I try to do my part. Recycling, conserving water, using public transportation, etc. Some of you may remember that I participated in the Zipcar Low Car Diet during the summer (here). I didn't end up getting rid of my car, but I definitely do use it less than I used to.

Anyway, so I spotted a new promotion today that hopes to persuade us to save on paper by providing us with A LOT of free file hosting space.

SmashingApps and FileDropper are teaming up to do their part for the environment. Average American consumes more than 700 pounds of paper per year, highest compared to anywhere else in the world. Hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down per day to support the consumption of paper that can be easily avoided.

SmashingApps believes that we can change that by helping people save and share their documents electronically instead of printing them out each time. We do not want you to print so much so we are offering 250 GB file hosting accounts for free at FileDropper. You can use these accounts to share all your documents without ever having to print anything.

250GB?!? That's more space than I have on my entire harddrive. Anyhoo, here were the pledges that I made in an effort to be more green:

1. Stop buying bottled water.
2. Recycle newpapers, cans, and bottles.
3. Stop printing when I can avoid it - transfer files electronically instead.
4. Print using recycled paper when I need to print.
5. Walk or use public transportation instead of driving my car.

Click (here) for info on how to get YOUR 250GBs.

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