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The Globe Interviews Sheila Jaffe

1/07/2009 12:01:00 AM
Sheila Jaffe is the casting director that's doing the casting for "War of 04" or "Madso's War" - the new pilot that's filming in Boston and the Globe interviewed her this past Monday. In addition to casting for The Sopranos and Entourage, she also did a handful of movies including The Italian Job.

Saturday, Jaffe is teaching a day-long master class for experienced Boston actors. (Before you get all excited, we're told the session at the InterContinental Hotel is just about sold out.) Q. How many of these classes do you do?

A. Not a lot. I work with Angela Peri at Boston Casting and she suggested it. I thought it was good because there are a lot of projects coming to Boston. I did one in LA and one of the guys got a part in "Madso's War." I never would have known him otherwise.

Click (here) to read the interview in it's entirety.

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