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Car Talk is my 2nd favorite NPR show (The first is Wait, Wait .. Don't Tell Me). I like it so much that I told myself that if I ever have trouble with my car (knock on wood) , that I'd try taking it to Click & Clack's garage in Cambridge.

As part of the Coolidge Corner Theatre’s 75th Anniversary celebrations, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, better known as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, from NPR's popular radio show, Car Talk appear live on the Coolidge stage to present their favorite film, A THOUSAND CLOWNS, on Monday, January 5, at 7:00 p.m.

The Magliozzis will take "auto/biographical" questions after the film. Tickets are available in advance at or at the Coolidge box office, located at 290 Harvard Street in Brookline. For more details about this and other 75th anniversary events, visit the web site or call 617/734-2500.

For those of you are interested in meeting the Magliozzi's, here's your chance next Monday.

Click (here) to go to the Coolidge Corner Theatre site.

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