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So I blogged yesterday about how there's a Whitey Bulger movie in development (here). Well I uncovered another article that has a few rumors on who might possibly play some of the roles. Here's what the Globe had to say:

It's no secret that Sheridan is BFF with actor Daniel Day-Lewis, and it's possible, if not likely, that the two-time Academy Award winner will be considered for the role of Whitey. And who might play former FBI agent and convicted murderer John Connolly? It's too soon to say, but it's worth mentioning that Matt Damon, who knows a thing or two about the Bulger back story, has been approached about the plum role. (We know he's at least interested because Damon and Ben Affleck were among the first to option "Black Mass.") Billy Bulger also figures prominently in the book, and we're told Mark Wahlberg will be in the mix to play the former Senate President.

That's a pretty A-list cast. It'd be great to have all those folks in Boston to film. According to my earlier post, it was thought that filming could start as soon as April.

Click (here) for the Globe article.

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1 Response to "Casting Rumors for Whitey Bulger Movie"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I highly doubt it will start this spring, there isn't even a script completed yet

    Posted on 1/21/09, 5:21 PM


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