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Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a great long weekend. You might find this little tidbit fairly entertaining, I did. For the latest Barbershop $50 gift card giveaway only about 25% of the entrants were guys (here). The other 75% of entrants were women who entered the contest on behalf of their spouses or boyfriends who were in dire need of a swift kick in the butt in the personal grooming department.

Well congrats to the winner, Bloggery Reader Elizabeth who's boyfriend is apparently a sorry state of affairs. Let's hope the $50 gift card will help kick start things and get him to turn over a new leaf.

Congratulations once again to the winner - I'll get the gift card out to you shortly. And to everyone else who entered but didn't win - don't despair - I'm working on some more giveaways. So hopefully you'll have another chance real soon.

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