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How's this for a fun and outdoorsy evening? Ice skating on Frog Pond and then watching the official Christmas Tree Lighting in Boston Common. You can make it a reality this upcoming Thursday, 12/4.

Here's a little history lesson for those that don't know the backstory:

91 years ago, a terrible tragedy forever linked the lives of the people of Boston and the citizens of Halifax, Nova Scotia. On December 6, 1917, a French freighter full of munitions and a Norwegian vessel collided in Halifax Harbor causing a nuclear-sized blast and a subsequent tidal wave that leveled the town and killed more than 1,700 people.

The citizens of Boston were among the first to arrive in Halifax with a "rescue train" full of medical supplies, blankets and building materials. Much of the money for the aid came from donations made by ordinary citizens. Even Boston school children pooled their lunch money to help the victims of this huge disaster. The people of Nova Scotia have never forgotten the speed and generosity with which the residents of Boston responded. In appreciation, Nova Scotia sends a tree to Boston every year to express its thanks for the city’s compassionate response and to help spread the spirit of the season.

The lighting will take place at 6pm. Be there!

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