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More Martorano Movie Details

12/30/2008 12:01:00 AM
So last week, there was rumor that a movie might be in the works based on the life of John Martorano - an associate of Whitey Bulger's Winter Hill Gang. The original blog post is (here) if you'd like to get the background. I wonder if it'll be sort of like American Gangster, where Denzel's character started out as a criminal, got caught, then cooperated with the feds. Anyhoo, rumor is Martin Scorsese might be the one directing it.

Now don’t breathe a word of this. Because nobody’s supposed to know. But word from the Left Coast is that the man behind the controversial John Martorano movie is none other than gangster-filmmaker extraordinaire Martin Scorsese!

We hear that Scorsese met secretly with the Winter Hill Gang hitman at an Italian restaurant in the Back Bay while “The Departed” director was in town making “Shutter Island.”

Then, according to our snitch, Marty had his longtime collaborator, producer Graham King, lock down the rights to Martorano’s life story. It is also likely that William Monahan, who wrote the screenplay for “The Departed,” which Scorsese directed and King produced, will write the Martorano script.

No complaints here, bring more movies to Boston. With the recent rumors about J Lo's upcoming divorce, I wonder if she's ever going to make it over here to film The Governess (here).

Click (here) to read the Herald article.

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1 Response to "More Martorano Movie Details"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    anybody know what Italian restaurant the meeting was at?

    Posted on 12/30/08, 5:21 PM


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