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My mom is going to love this post. She's been reminding me to get a flu shot for the past 2-3 months and I still haven't done it. The main reason is because I don't really know where to go - the last time I tried to make a doctor's appointment with my PCP, there was a three month wait.

State Senator Joan Menard (D-Fall River) has sponsored a resolution declaring December 8-12, 2008 the inaugural Massachusetts Influenza Awareness Week.

Even though the flu is vaccine-preventable, state officials estimate that nearly 1 million Massachusetts residents are afflicted with the virus each year. Of that group, 2,600 people are hospitalized and 800 lose their lives. Flu was cited as the likely cause of death in at least four Massachusetts children last flu season.

Senator Menard, Masspro and other health advocacy partners are hosting a flu-awareness event on Tuesday, December 9th at 1:30 pm in Room 222 at the State House, Boston, MA 02133. The event is open to the public.

Here's the best part. MassPRO has a site that will help you to locate a flu clinic. Now I don't really have an excuse to not get a shot and hopefully you don't either.

Click (here) to go to the website.

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