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Oops. Sorry folks, it looks like I missed a movie filming in Rockport and Gloucester called Hatteras Hotel. It filmed starting early November and ran for about a month in to mid-December.

Filming for “Hatteras Hotel,” a movie featuring “Prison Break” star Wade Williams, started on Monday, Nov. 10 and will run until mid-December. Hatteras Hotel is one of a long list of movies filmed in Rockport, including “Stuck on You,” “The Proposal,” and “The Edge of Darkness.”

The murder mystery is about a Boston police officer, Williams, who becomes a sheriff in a fictional New England town called Salem Harbor, according to the pop culture blog Loaded Gun. Williams’ first case is to investigate the murder of a teen found dead after a night of partying at Hatteras Hotel.

Most of the movie will be filmed at Emerson Inn by the Sea, which was chosen to represent the fictional hotel.

My bad. I had a Globe blurb clipped out and saved from early December but had overlooked it until now. Also, I haven't anything about this filming at all. Most of the buzz lately had been on either Edge of Darkness or Bunker Hill.

Click (here) for the original article that I quoted from.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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1 Response to "Hatteras Hotel Filmed in Rockport & Gloucester"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    this is really unhelpful, but I was at the hotel overnight on November 14th and heard that there was some filming going on there. I didn't know what for, but apparently it was for this movie, Hattaras Hotel.

    Posted on 12/24/08, 11:39 PM


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