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I don't really ever drink Kahlua, but maybe I should start - because these guys are doing something awesome. Kahlua is going to "bail out" five companies in five states that have had to cancel their holiday party due to the recession. How's $10K sound? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Eligible individuals from companies that were forced to cancel their holiday party can apply for a $10,000 bailout grant from Kahlúa to be used towards throwing their seasonal celebration. Winners will also receive a Kahlúa “Party in a Box” with items needed for a memorable holiday party. Additionally, a Kahlúa recipe will be created for each winning entry, inspired by its corporate culture, along with the option of party planning assistance.

Kahlúa will select one small business in each of the five eligible states (Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Georgia and Illinois) to be awarded a bailout grant and a Kahlúa “Party in a Box.” Individuals who are interested in nominating their company must submit an application to by 11:59:59 PM on December 7, 2008. Grant recipients will be notified on or before December 12, 2008.

If one of you out there enters and wins, can I be invited to your party? My company never has parties seeing as how we're a company of three employees, so there wasn't anything to cancel to begin with.

Click (here) to enter the Kahlua contest.

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