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I actually heard about this list on a recent episode of Chelsea Lately - I find Chelsea Handler pretty entertaining. Some website called QualityHealth put out the rankings for the Top 10 Most/Least Sexually Active Cities in America. Like all these other lists I always read about, I always wonder about how they actually calculate these things. Here's what they have to say:

... if Census Bureau birth rates and A.C. Nielsen data on contraceptive sales are any indication. We've also factored in statewide birth and fertility rates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), city-by-city sales of books about sex, and sales from several nationwide erotica outlets.

And here's what they say about Cambridge - who made #10 on the list:

10. Cambridge, Massachusetts.This academic hub, which houses both Harvard and M.I.T., is also the city with the most relationship savvy: 58 percent of its romantic purchases are books about relationships. Cambridge's lower-than-average birth rates kept it from earning a top spot on our list, but it's interesting to note that in 1991 Massachusetts became the first location to institute a statewide condom availability program in its high schools.

Some of our neighbors didn't fare so well. Providence, RI; Monteplier, VT, and and Manchester, NH made the bottom of the list.

PS. For those of you that want to know who made #1, it was Denver, CO.

Click (here) to see the whole list.

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2 Response to "Cambridge Makes Top 10 Most Sexually Active Cities List"

  1. Bruno Afonso Said,

    I'm sorry but I think this tells you that people in cambridge don't have a clue about relationships! :-)

    Posted on 12/17/08, 1:27 AM

  2. Dan Dan Said,

    I'm moving to Denver!

    Posted on 12/17/08, 11:56 AM


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