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This past Sunday, the Boston Globe Magazine ran an article about 64 websites on Boston life that you should know. The writer did a pretty decent job with his recommendations, some of the commentary though was a little snarky. And he left me out ... ouch.

Several of the blogs that I read made the list, like John Keith's BostonReb (here), Boston Gal's financial website (here), Adam Gaffin's UniversalHub (here), Gothamist's local blog Bostonist (here). The list goes on, but I'll stop here before this entry becomes one big linkfest. What can I say, I read a lot of blogs.

The article breaks the blogs down into categories to help you make your choices easier. Categories that I'll be focusing on for new blogs to check out: Going Out, Arts, and Food/Restaurants.

Maybe I'll make the cut next year - I won't hold my breath though? I am pretty happy though that I got an honorable mention from the Bostonist (here).

Click (here) to see the complete list of Globe recommendations.

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