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Tonya Mezrich Gets A TV Show

11/20/2008 12:01:00 AM
I like Ben Mezrich's books. They're quick reads and fairly entertaining. Although the recent one about the HBS guy and the oil industry - I forget the name - that one wasn't so great. Anyhoo, word on the street is that Ben's wife Tonya is getting a new tv show.

Best-selling author Ben Mezrich's better half is embarking with a few friends on a new TV show. We're told Tonya Chen Mezrich is teaming with former Boston Common staffers Terri Stanley and Anna Cheshire Levitan on a 30-minute show titled "STYLE Boston." No one's willing to talk about it yet, but word is the weekly show will focus on Boston's hottest trends, hippest people, and most happening parties - a high-end version, in other words, of Billy Fairweather's lively "Dirty Water TV" show.

I haven't heard of Dirty Water TV, but after I just googled it it looks fairly interesting. I may have to start dvr'ing it. As you know, I love hearing about whats going on in Boston.

Click (here) for the Globe Blurb about Style Boston.

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1 Response to "Tonya Mezrich Gets A TV Show"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    dirty water boston is kind of sloppy and amateur -they do a lot with wbcn, I think. This sounds like it could be interesting though!

    Posted on 11/20/08, 11:39 AM


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