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O Ya Featured in Details Magazine

11/11/2008 12:01:00 AM
Details Magazine has an article about the Best Sushi in America and guess who's in it. That's right, the semi-controversial O Ya in South Station. Ya'll know how I feel about the place (here) but to its credit the place does seem to win a lot of awards.

Sushi topped with an heirloom-potato chip or foie gras is anything but traditional, but chef Tim Cushman deftly combines creative flourishes with a very Japanese sensibility. That foie gras, for instance, is seared, giving it a velvety texture somewhere between toro and sea urchin, and a classic eel sauce enhanced by balsamic vinegar and chocolate feels not forced but shrewd. From his downtown sushi bar connected to an open kitchen, Cushman also sends out yellowtail belly from Tayama Bay and spot prawn from Santa Barbara—both of which sit atop a blend of rice that took a year and a half of experimentation to perfect.

Any Readers out there that have eaten there and care to post about their experience? I just ate at Oiishi in the South End last weekend. Great sushi as usual, but pretty pricey (as usual).

Click (here) for a link to the Details article.

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