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Talk about coincidences. So, two days ago the founder of a new startup in Boston called RUNmyErrand sent me an email to check out her new site. I did and I thought that it was a great idea. Boston has an abundance of both broke college students as well as people too busy to do their own errands. How else would you explain the success of Peapod, the grocery delivery service (here)? People just don't have the time - me included.

So here's where the coincidence comes in. Last night, my roomate says to me "Dude, do you think you could do me a favor sometime this week and help me pick up my dry cleaning? The place closes at 6pm and I'm not going to get out of work by then any time soon."

My roommate is a doctor, works ungodly hours, and is clearly way too busy saving lives to pick up dry cleaning. He'd be a perfect candidate for RUNmyERRAND.

For all you other busy folk out there - doctors, lawyers, finance people trying to stop losing zillions of dollars in the stock market - I highly recommend that you check out this new site. It could save you some valuable time.

Click (here) to check out the site for yourself.

PS. To my roomate, according to the site, the going rate for picking up dry cleaning is $5. You owe me $5. I'd like it paid out in beer.

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1 Response to "New Startup Launched in Boston -"

  1. Leah Said,

    Hey there! Funny story about the roommate! He definitely owes you the $5 ... or a beer! ;-) Thanks for checking out, as you said Boston is a great place to facilitate these types of connections, so we are really excited about getting things started here! We are always open to suggestions and love hearing feedback of any kind!

    Founder, RUNmyERRAND, Inc

    Posted on 11/12/08, 8:49 AM


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