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For those of you that want to party with celebs, or I guess I should say party in the vicinity of celebs (does Kim Kardashian count as a celebrity?) be sure to check out Gypsy Bar and the Liquor Store this Friday night 11/7.

I'm not really quite clear on how she's going to be at both bars at once. I guess she'll start out at one and end up at the other. I guess you could try calling to see which one she be at and when. Anyway, here's what she has to say on her blog.

Hey guys!

I'm going to be in Boston this Friday, November 7th! I'm planning to make an appearance at Gypsy Bar/Liquor Store Nightclub at 116 Boylston Street.

Hope to see you there!


What I wouldn't give to be a semi-celebrity so I could go around traveling the country getting paid to go clubbing.

Click (here) to go to Kim's official blog post about coming to Boston.

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