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Jack & Suzy Welch Lived in Boston?

11/18/2008 12:01:00 AM
I honestly had no clue that Jack & Suzy Welch lived in Boston. Apparently they've been here for the past several years. I guess they've been avoiding the limelight because I definitely try to read as much news as I can and I haven't heard much about them lately. Well anyway, they're leaving Boston to move to New York and the house they were living in is on sale for $27.5M

Want to live like Jack and Suzy Welch? Break out your wallet. The grand Greek Revival on Beacon Street that has been the couple's crib for the past several years is on the market, and the asking price is a cool $27.5 million. The building at 40 Beacon St., known as the Appleton-Parker House, is actually owned by developer James Pappas, who declined to speak with us yesterday. He may be selling now because Jack and Suzy are leaving town. "As long planned, with the last of our kids going off to school next September, we're moving to New York, where we already have a home and where our work is," Suzy Welch wrote in reply to an e-mail yesterday. "We love Boston and will visit often." The building, formerly home to the Women's City Club and listed since 1978 on the National Register of Historic Places, has 12 bedrooms, breathtaking views, and a three-car garage. Although it's been a single-family residence of late, the 18,000-square-foot building is zoned for four condos. Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE, met Suzy Wetlaufer in 2001 when she was editor of the Harvard Business Review. They married three years later. The couple has written two books together and dispense words of wisdom at

I'm sure I've walked past it before. I have a friend who lives in the vicinity on the 20ish block of Beacon. I'll hafta go check it out again though, now that I know that's where Jack Welch used to live.

Click (here) for a link to the Globe blurb.

PS. I like how the Globe started out their piece with the words "break out your wallet." If I were to break out my wallet, I'd still owe the bank ~$27.4999 million dollars.

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2 Response to "Jack & Suzy Welch Lived in Boston?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Oh, yes, they lived here. In fact, I went to a play about a year ago and they were standing in line in front of me. You can tell them from a mile away. They're both super-short, and he's incredibly bald and she's incredibly tanned.

    Posted on 11/18/08, 10:15 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    You weren't here for the whole divorce hoo-ha? You missed out on a media circus, my friend.

    Posted on 11/18/08, 2:56 PM


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