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The House Where Jordan Knight Grew Up

11/19/2008 12:01:00 AM
There's all these famous houses in Boston. Paul Revere's House, Edgar Allen Poe's House, and a bunch of other really historical people, but what do some folks come to see? Jonathan and Jordan Knight's house.

When Kari Lusso and her trio of girlfriends flew from Seattle to Boston for the New Kids on the Block concert, they had to make a quick detour. On a rainy Saturday night, the friends drove their rental car to 10 Melville Ave. As they stood in front of the Victorian house, they shrieked and giggled like little girls. The commotion? They were at the former home of the band's brothers Jonathan and Jordan Knight. When they rang the bell, they got a quick tour.

The Knights haven't lived there in more than a dozen years. The family sold the house to the Salvation Army in 1996, but staffers there have been busy rolling out a welcome mat to rabid NKOTB fans. Ever since the band reunited last spring, fans have discovered one of Boston's best pop secrets - the Knight family's old crib.

You know who would be all over this? My cousin. She was a big NKOTB fan back in the day. And maybe she still is, I haven't talked to her in a while.

Click (here) for the rest of the article.

Click (here) to see more pictures of the house.

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2 Response to "The House Where Jordan Knight Grew Up"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I use to live on the next block. It was crazy back in the day. They once had a bbq with all 5 guys and the street was packed with cars all day.

    Posted on 11/20/08, 2:59 AM

  2. Michelle Said,

    So cool! I hope to visit one day! :)

    Posted on 6/27/12, 11:02 PM


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