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I had an awesome weekend, hope everyone else did as well - can you believe how warm it was? I spent Saturday afternoon wandering around downtown and saw that the old Green's Luggage Shop & Boylston Street Florist (which has been closed for a little while now) is now being renovated. Into what you ask? Take a look.

I have to admit. I'm a little disappointed. Another Boloco? There's already one on Newbury St. If it had to be a burrito place, I would have preferred a Chipotle? Oh well. It's on the corner of Boylston and Charles St for those that aren't too familiar with the area.

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5 Response to "Green's Luggage & Boylston St Florist Being Renovated"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    There's also a Herrera's in the Transportation Building, just a few feet away.

    Kind of a bummer.

    Posted on 11/17/08, 12:49 AM

  2. Kathleen Said,

    That is the way I felt when Best Buy went into the former Virgin Mega Store space at the corner of Newbury and Mass Ave. I was like, "What???!!!" The other Best Buy, at the landmark center in Fenway, is honestly, only a 15-minute walk away. Why two Best Buys so close? Why not something new and different or something uniquely Boston?

    Oh, well, at least I like BoLoCo and they are a local chain vs. a big corporate chain! So we're supporting a local business, at least!

    Posted on 11/17/08, 1:20 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I'd always been a fan of the old luggage shop, even when I was the only customer in there. I hadn't realized they closed until a few days ago. I searched the net for news of their closing, but I couldn't find anything. Anyone know anything? When a 100-year-old business closes, I think there needs to be some fanfare, at least. Sad.

    Posted on 11/17/08, 9:47 PM

  4. Kathleen Said,

    I've never been inside the luggage shop. But I agree with you that after being in business for 100 years, it is sad that it closes with no fanfare. And if I am not mistaken, I thought that building / location was also noted as the birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe?

    Posted on 11/18/08, 11:23 AM

  5. Bolopep Said,

    Ouch - not exactly the welcome crew we dream of when we open restaurants in our beloved Boston :) That said (and as I shared yesterday with another blogger also concerned about the character of this important corner), I understand and in most cases side with all of you on this topic... Costello's Liquor next to our offices further down on Boylston (Corner of Mass Ave) is now a T-Mobile... heart-breaking.

    As Kathleen pointed out, this building/location is the birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe. And thanks to Kevin C. in his "Viva Poe-Loco" post (, January 19 will be Poe's 200th birtday... and because of this new found revelation, we at Boloco will now make absolutely sure we do something creative in his name on that day. I'm hoping he'd even partake if he was around to enjoy it... :)

    To the first 20 people reading this (that's to cover me... i've made massively poor judgments in moments like these in past years), feel free to send me (pepper at boloco dot com) your Boloco Card # (or your mailing address if you don't have one) and i'll pop a freebie on there... it's the least we can do for including us in your posts. One day we at Boloco hope to earn our keep on that prominent corner - do remember in the meantime that Boloco is not just another Mexican burrito joint. Sure, we do sell traditional burritos, but that's just the beginning in terms of flavors and inspirations from around the world. We just happen to think the tortilla is the most efficient and yummiest way to transport all of those great ingredients - too often that gets us mixed up in the Mexican category - while Boloco sounds spanish, most of you know its not (it's short for Boston Local Co...for those still wondering).

    Most importantly, we are your neighbors, we live near all of you, and we love Boston and root for the Sox and Celtics just like most of you do. Take a closer look next time you drop in...


    John Pepper
    CEO and Co-Founder

    PS. The luggage store moved only 2 doors around the corner next to the smoke shop - same building... I'm sure they'd appreciate your business more than ever in these interesting times :)

    Posted on 11/24/08, 3:54 PM


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