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Frog Pond Now Open for Ice Skating

11/24/2008 12:01:00 AM
I've never actually been ice skating on Frog Pond. It's really closeby, but the opportunity has never really come up. I'm also pretty awful at ice skating, so that's probably kept me at bay as well. I bet it would make for a really cute date idea, though. Frog Pond opened up last week and will be open for public skating for the next several months.

The Frog Pond Skating Rink is now open from November to mid-March with at least 100 days of seasonal skating. Whether you're practicing for a 9.9 at the Winter Olympics or simply trying to stand on two feet, the ice at the Frog Pond will always be accommodating.

Maybe I'll give it a shot this year, check it off my list of Bostonian things to do, and also doublecheck if I even remember how to ice skate. It's been at least four years since I've been on the ice.

Click (here) for the official Frog Pond website.

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