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Election Parties Tonight - 11/4

11/04/2008 12:01:00 AM
Thanks to Bloggery Reader Rob from Culturemob for sending me a link to his (their?) blog entry with a compilation of places to celebrate the election tonight.

If America was born of the mingling thoughts of freedom by our founding fathers, then Boston is certainly where some of the magic happened. From the Boston Common to Park Street Church to the site of the famous tea party, this New England gem has ‘I LOVE AMERICA” written all over its face. With an environment like that, how can you not go out on November 4th and VOTE and then party with the ghosts of the men and women who fought and died for your right to vote, and party? It is your duty, and this is where to report: the best places to watch the presidential election returns in Boston.

Places include: Kings, GameOn, Westin Copley, RiverGods, and so on.

Click (here) to see Culturemob's complete list.

PS. Dear Rob, you missed one - the Phoenix & Stuff@Night party at the Hard Rock Cafe. That's where I'll be. Click (here) to RSVP if you want to go.

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