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This from the Sunday Globe this week, there was a 3-alarm fire in the building that houses Crate & Barrel and Atlantic Fish on Boylston street. I've had brunch a couple of times at Atlantic Fish and I'm always at the Crate & Barrel buying housewarming gifts - I like their wine carafes.

The morning fire, which temporarily eluded firefighters as it raged unseen in the uppermost ceiling of Crate & Barrel, caused an estimated $1.6 million in damage and left the popular restaurant and furniture store closed indefinitely, a Boston Fire Department spokesman said.

I haven't had time to swing by and take a look at how bad the damage is, but according to the article, it they're estimating that it may take a while to get everything fixed and running again. Good luck to all the employees that are going to be temporarily displaced during the repair-time. Supposedly the restaurant workers will be shifted over to other restaurants during this time, let's hope the C&B folks are taken care of as well.

Click (here) to read the rest of the Globe article.

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