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I read over the past couple of weeks that a couple of notable restaurants (when I say notable I mean restaurants that I've eaten at before) will be closing down.

First off, Brown Sugar Cafe in Fenway (129 Jersey St) will be closing possibly before the end of the year. That's too bad. I really like Brown Sugar Cafe, it's probably my favorite place for thai food in the city. But then again I usually go to their location on Comm Ave.

Also closing sometime next year is Joe's American Bar & Grill (Corner of Dartmouth and Newbury). I've had brunch a couple of times there, I didn't find it to be anything special, but they do have some nice outdoor seating. Joe's is going to be replaced by the Metropolitan Club (steakhouse)

Lastly, you know that TGI Friday's on Newbury that's been closed for many, many years? Well Back Bay Restaurant Group has a 20 year lease on it and it's rumored that they might move Joe's there or possibly move Papa Razzi over there.

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1 Response to "A Couple Notable Restaurants Closing Their Doors"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Brown Sugar in the Fenway is my favorite Thai place in Boston as well :( I've never been to the Comm Ave location...

    Posted on 11/18/08, 9:03 AM


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