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The Daily Hampshire Gazette, a local paper in Northampton, is running a photo contest that has the folks at Edge of Darkness a little peeved.

A photo contest run by the Daily Hampshire Gazette has Boston Casting warning its "Edge of Darkness" extras to not take pictures on the set of the Mel Gibson movie in exchange for gift certificates from "local news organizations." The movie has been filming outdoor shots in the Northampton area since last week, and Gazette managing editor Larry Parnass confirmed the paper has indeed offered readers $25 gift cards to local businesses in exchange for their best set pics.

Film spokesman Blaise Noto downplayed the whole affair, saying he spoke with the paper and it's all good. "There's no issue with it," he said. "It's cool." Noto said lots of folks have gathered to watch Gibson and Co. film outside the downtown courthouse and in nearby Amherst. They just need to mind set protocol, he said. "When they say roll, don't talk. If you take a photo, don't use a flash."

Aww, looks like the rise of a small paparazzi culture in Boston. But sadly, the celebrities don't actually live here, so there isn't much of an opportunity to snap pics. Don't quit your day jobs.

Click (here) to read the Globe blurb.

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