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New TV Show - TNT's Bunker Hill

10/28/2008 04:52:00 AM
TNT is working on a new pilot starring Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. It's going to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and is supposed to be Boston-based.

"Bunker Hill" is about a cop, played by Wahlberg, who comes back to Boston to serve and protect his peeps. Moynahan, who grew up in Longmeadow, plays the police officer's sister-in-law, with whom he has a love-hate relationship.

"We're trying to do it all in Boston," Wahlberg said in a text message. "That's the goal."

Woohoo. An actual tv show filmed in Boston. I heard there's a new show called Fringe (I haven't seen it) that's set in Boston but is actually filmed in New York. That will be awesome if we can start adding TV shows to the mix in addition to all the movies that we've been filming here.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

Update 11/6/08 - Filming Starts in December (here)

Update 11/20/08 - Bunker Hill will film in Charlestown (here)

Update 12/9/08 - BH Call Sign Spotted in Back Bay (here)

Update 12/9/08 - Bunker Hill extras casting call (here)

Update 12/10/08 - Bunker Hill filming at Bunker Hill Monument (here)

Update 12/10/08 - Bunker Hill filming on Medford St (here)

Update 12/11/08 - Pictures of Bunker Hill 12/10 film shoot (here)

Update 12/12/08 - Picture from Union Oyster House shoot (here)

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35 Response to "New TV Show - TNT's Bunker Hill"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I found this while googling "Bunker Hill". A location scout just came to my house in Somerville and wanted to film some things on my porch... I told him I wasn't interested because I figured it was some Somerville Community Television stuff... that's what people are usually scouting for. Anyhow, I was a little upset at first when I read this because I thought it said MARK Wahlberg... then I read more closely and got over it when I saw Donnie. haha

    Posted on 10/28/08, 2:03 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    The show just added another cast member to the show. His name is Ryan Buckley-Howell and he is from chralestown,Ma.

    Posted on 11/13/08, 2:48 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Hi I work for and we heard word that an actor named Ryan Buckley was just added to the cast..he is 19 years old and currently living in CA. He is a native to boston. You can look at his profile on

    Posted on 11/13/08, 2:52 AM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    When will this debut..we love Brian Dennehy!!!!

    Posted on 11/17/08, 1:00 AM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    The are filming in Chelsea today.

    Posted on 12/9/08, 1:26 PM

  6. Unknown Said,

    They are filming at the large salt piles next to the Meridian St Bridge. I have a photo of a car with fake blood on the windshield and lots of salt covering the car. Not sure how to post it here.

    Ryan (

    Posted on 12/9/08, 2:26 PM

  7. Anonymous Said,

    They did Film in chelsea today on Broadway at 4:00. They filmed a high speed chase

    Posted on 12/9/08, 8:07 PM

  8. Unknown Said,

    They filmed in my kitchen last night. Met Donnie

    Posted on 12/12/08, 8:28 PM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    Does anyone know where they will be filming on Monday?

    Posted on 12/13/08, 3:56 PM

  10. Unknown Said,

    They filmed on the Tobin Bridge today and closed the Beacon St exit going into Chelsea. The Chelsea Police said told me they should be filming in Charlestown this week. Ryan (

    Posted on 12/14/08, 6:08 PM

  11. Unknown Said,

    I think they were filming on the Tobin bridge today at aroung 4:00pm today

    Posted on 12/14/08, 7:33 PM

  12. Anonymous Said,

    They are filming on Bunker Hill Street now (10pm)...they were also on the Tobin bridge today.

    Posted on 12/14/08, 10:15 PM

  13. Anonymous Said,

    would love to know where they will be on 12/19-21

    Posted on 12/14/08, 10:44 PM

  14. R.J.L. Said,

    I think at St Francis Church, on Bunker Hill St in Charlestown. They were beginning to set up across the street from there today.

    Posted on 12/14/08, 11:00 PM

  15. Anonymous Said,

    Does anyone know where they will be shooting on Wednesday (12/17)?

    Posted on 12/15/08, 10:56 AM

  16. Anonymous Said,

    Does anyone know where they are filming on Tuesday December 15th? I am going to come to Boston and would like to know where to go. Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it.

    Posted on 12/15/08, 1:45 PM

  17. Anonymous Said,

    Has anyone seen this article from the Herald...

    I love that hat! The whole shamrock and the "B" in one. What does everyone else think? Anyone know where I can get one???

    Posted on 12/15/08, 4:38 PM

  18. Anonymous Said,

    If anyone could please let us know locations for the next few days.

    Posted on 12/15/08, 11:33 PM

  19. Anonymous Said,

    The crew is setting up in front of the parking lot across the street from felt nightclub in china town. Some guy said thee was a guest star coming in tonight or tomorrow night to be in the show. he basically said it was tom brady, by saying moynahans babbiesdaddy was the guest star.

    by the way, if moynahan reads this by some slim chance...are you seriously googling yourself this frequently?

    Posted on 12/17/08, 12:49 AM

  20. Anonymous Said,

    Rumor is that on Thursday 12/18they will be in Downtown Lynn.

    Posted on 12/17/08, 1:31 PM

  21. Anonymous Said,

    I met that kid Ryan Buckley today, I saw that he was posted in a previous comment...he wasnt in the scene but he was definitly on the set...

    Posted on 12/17/08, 3:23 PM

  22. Unknown Said,

    They are filming today in EastBoston at the police station and in front of the court house and they are filming right now out behind my house on maverick st

    Posted on 12/17/08, 4:35 PM

  23. Anonymous Said,

    I found that hat he was wearing and will be wearing in a lot of the episodes:

    That site has some kick ass stuff on it!

    Posted on 12/18/08, 11:12 AM

  24. Anonymous Said,

    Filming on the Chelsea waterfront right now. More car chase scenes on the cobblestones down to the harbor.

    Posted on 12/18/08, 1:15 PM

  25. Anonymous Said,

    They filmed at Quincy Hospital
    today 12/19/08 right around the
    corner from where I live off of
    Hospital Hill. I love that they
    are filming in and around Boston!

    Posted on 12/19/08, 10:24 PM

  26. Anonymous Said,

    Yes a family member of mine works at the hospital and it is reported that they have the whole 2nd floor reserved for filming... hope they don't need to put any patients up there!

    Posted on 12/20/08, 9:56 PM

  27. Anonymous Said,

    does anyone know if they are still filming..??

    Posted on 12/23/08, 8:28 PM

  28. Anonymous Said,

    I saw a movie location sign "BH" in Lynn on Friday. Anyone know where they were filming?

    Posted on 1/31/09, 11:36 PM

  29. Anonymous Said,

    ya i've heard call signs being put up around the city...
    what going on with that?

    Posted on 2/9/09, 8:44 AM

  30. Anonymous Said,

    Check out this youtube video.....Wahlberg on the Tobin Bridge...

    Posted on 2/11/09, 10:29 PM

  31. Anonymous Said,

    Does anyone know if TNT picked up the pilot for a series?

    Posted on 2/26/09, 11:08 PM

  32. Helen AKA Blockhead! Said,

    I was just wondering when the new show is going to air? I love the New Kids on the Block & 1 of the members Donnie Wahlberg who happens to be my favorite New Kid is going to be on the show! I am very anxious to watch the show! I would love as much info as possible! Thanks!

    Posted on 4/4/09, 12:26 AM

  33. Anonymous Said,

    I can not wait till the show airs!!
    I am a huge blockhead!!!

    Posted on 4/7/09, 6:44 PM

  34. Anonymous Said,

    Does anyone know the status of the show?

    Posted on 6/4/09, 11:22 AM

  35. Anonymous Said,

    still in post production. donnie mentioned it in a radio interview with kiss 108.

    Posted on 6/30/09, 2:50 PM


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