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This from Bloggery Reader Ed. He left the schedule as a comment, but it was so nice and comprehensive that I wanted to make sure that everyone sees it. I hope it's all correct. I'll try to swing by South Station later this week when they film to check it out.

Here is the upcoming weeks shooting schedule...

Filming will return to Gannon Golf Course in Lynn to finish exterior shooting as well as interior shooting of a doctors office in the clubhouse.

Exterior filming in Boston at Carlton Wharf.

Exterior filming at Atlantic Street South Station.

Thanks Ed!

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2 Response to "Edge of Darkness Film Schedule This Week"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I believe they've been filming or prepping to film nights just off 2A outside the Hanscom AFB vandenberg (visitor) gate in Bedford...

    Posted on 10/17/08, 8:13 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    they are filming on the West Roxbury / Roslindale line on Centre St tonight. I drove by the production trucks today on the way home from work

    Posted on 10/21/08, 7:52 PM


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