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Thanks to Bloggery Reader Matt for sending me a link to this article. Apparently, the scene they were filming was of Mel Gibson's body double driving through a toll booth. That's all well and good, but of all the times to do it, you chose rush hour?

A movie shoot slowed down rush hour traffic on the Massachusetts Turnpike Thursday morning. The crew from Mel Gibson's new film, "The Edge of Darkness," was shooting near the Weston tolls at the exit to Route 30 and Route 128. State Police told WBZ it was delaying the commute on the westbound side back to Newton Corner.

Turnpike Authority spokesman Mac Daniel told WBZ the crew has been shooting along the Pike for about a month. Daniel said they were approved to shoot at Thursday's location, but it's still unclear if anyone gave the o-k for them to shoot during rush hour.

So if you were late to work today, just tell your boss it was Mel Gibson's fault.

Click (here) for a link to the article.

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