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Donut Cheeseburger @ Donna's Donuts

10/14/2008 12:01:00 AM
Wonder why we have an obesity problem in America? It's because everyday someone comes up with a new and zany (yet somewhat delicious sounding) foodstuff. The latest that I read about were a couple of donut creations brought to us by the folks at Donna's Donuts in Tewskbury.

When you wake up before dawn to make sugary breakfast treats, bizarre things can happen. Dreams invade reality, and donuts become cheeseburgers. That's what happens at Donna's Donuts in Tewksbury, where a chocolate honey-dipped (the "burger") is put inside the shell of a jelly donut (the bun) and slathered with Bavarian cream (the cheese) to create a sweet cheeseburger-lookalike ($1.68 each). People have been driving all the way from Cape Cod to try this new double donut sensation. To keep things entertaining, Donna's just added a meatball sub donut to their cult classics. This stoner mirage consists of donut holes (the meatballs) tucked into a cruller (the sub roll) with cream. Consume with copious amounts of coffee and expand your to-do list.

It's been about three years since I've had a donut, so I don't think I'll be driving to Tewskbury anytime soon. But, if anyone out there has had one, let me know how it is. I'm curious to know. I dunno if I could handle the sugar overload. I'm on a diet as it is, not sure a donut filled with another donut would be good for me.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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1 Response to "Donut Cheeseburger @ Donna's Donuts"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Nothing's bad in moderation.

    Now if they start selling these by the dozen...

    Posted on 10/14/08, 8:05 AM


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