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Edge of Darkness Film Site - 10/31

10/31/2008 10:45:00 AM 1 Response
This from Bloggery Reader Amanda regarding the film site today:

That tip from Sandy sounds like it was EoD - I work at the Union Club on Park St., and I know they are filming right around the corner on/around Beacon St. all day tomorrow (10/31). Hope this helps!

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Liberty Hotel 1 Mandarin Oriental 0

10/31/2008 10:14:00 AM 2 Responses
So I went out for dinner last night with some friends and then on the walk home a couple of us decided to swing by the Mandarin Oriental Bar to check it out. We walked into the lobby and headed to the bar and were stopped short by one of the employees. "There's a wait right now to get into the bar, we're currently at maximum capacity. Feel free to take a seat in the lobby and wait."

Let me set the scene for you. It's 8:15pm on a Thursday night and we're getting bounced. I was dumbfounded. But we did want to check it out, so we sat in the lobby to hang out and see what would happen. We were not alone. There were at least ten other folks looming outside in the lobby trying to get in. A couple of them were pretty irate because I think they were guests at the Hotel and wanted to get a drink but couldn't get in.

We waited 25 minutes and then decided it wasn't worth it and that we'd check out the Liberty Hotel instead. As we were walking to the T, I stopped to chat with the doorman outside who was bouncing people from that outside entrance and basically asked what exactly the capacity is. He said around 115'ish people including the ones sitting down at tables. I peered in the window and it didn't really look too crowded in there, but I guess that's what they were going for.

So off to the Liberty Hotel. We started off downstairs at Alibi for a drink. It was ok down there, a little crowded, definitely an older demographic. But then we went upstairs to the lobby bar and that bar was awesome. It's set right in the middle of the lobby, very spacious, nice couches, and I loved the high ceilings.

I will return to the Mandarin Oriental some other time just to check it out. But I think Liberty is my new favorite hotel bar. The Intercontinental has been dethroned.

PS. Shout out to the gorgeous Asian girl dining at the window table at the Mandarin with whom I assume were your parents. Both my friend and I did a doubletake when we saw you as we walked by.

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Happy Halloween!

10/31/2008 10:13:00 AM 0 Responses
Just gotta make it through one more work day until a weekend packed full of Halloween Madness! Happy Halloween Everyone!

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EoD Film Site? - 10/30

10/30/2008 10:17:00 AM 3 Responses
This tip in from Bloggery Reader Sandy:

They are doing some MAJOR filming on Beacon street between Clarendon and Berkely this morning. I assumed it was edge of darkness but I could be wrong. The only star I saw was a really BIG dog.

I'm assuming that it's Edge of Darkness as they were filming on Marlborough St between Clarendon and Dartmouth earlier this week. I'm guessing they just moved down the block to continue filming.

But does anyone know for sure?

Reader Update via Email - 12:53pm

It was them -- Mel and actor Damian Young as Senator Jim Pine (Damian was on Californication last season as the guy Ducovny's ex-wife was going to marry, but I may be the only one watching that show...)

I assume they've moved now over to 315 Darmouth inside for the rest of the day...

They're shooting early tomorrow at a hospital -- not sure where...

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The Killers Presale Password

10/30/2008 10:08:00 AM 0 Responses
The Killers are coming back to town and presale tickets just went on sale 9 minutes ago. Luckily after a little bit of google detective work, I was able to find the presale password.

I missed their concert last year because tickets sold out so fast it made my head spin.

Agganis Arena, Boston, MA
Mon, Jan 26, 2009 07:30 PM

Good luck trying to get tickets though, I started trying right at 10am and it was already showing that all the tickets were gone. You just have to keep trying though because sometimes people release the tickets that they had to try to get better ones, and then you can snatch them up.

Click (here) to go to the Ticketmaster site.

The password is HUMAN

PS. Don't get discouraged if you can't score any tickets - I'm sure they only released a small qty. General Public sale is this saturday morning.

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Village Smokehouse Opens 2nd Location

10/30/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses

One of the first few posts I made when I started the Beantown Bloggery was a review of a BBQ restaurant that I had recently discovered called the Village Smokehouse (here). BBQ in the northeast doesn't compare to bbq in Texas, but I was pleasantly suprised at the Village Smokehouse. I thought they did a pretty good job.

Well fast forward to the present and I've just been told that they've opened a second location in Lowell.

The Village Smokehouse has been a barbecue destination for Boston and surrounding suburbs in the heart of Brookline Village for twenty-one years, drawing in families, young professionals and neighbors with its food and southern hospitality. The Village Smokehouse in Lowell promises to offer all of that and much more.

At almost three times the size of the Brookline location, the Village Smokehouse in Lowell has seating for 200. In keeping with the historic neighborhood, the outside façade of the building was untouched in the renovations. The décor inside the restaurant is all new, featuring beautiful exposed brick walls in both the bar and dining areas. The open kitchen showcases the barbecue pit where diners can watch their meals cooking over an open flame.

Lowell is a little out of the way for me, but my friends and I have been known to make field trips out to restaurants if the food/experience is good enough to warrant it. Our latest jaunt was out to Hilltop Steakhouse in Saugus. Maybe we'll put the new Village Smokehouse on the list.

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Revere Showcase Cinema Quadruple Feature

10/30/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
Ok, so you don't want to go to the 80's prom party at Harp and you don't want to see just one movie. What you really want to do is watch four movies, all at once. Well you're in luck. Bloggery Reader Fibrowitch let me know about a quadruple feature being held at the Revere Showcase Cinema tomorrow - 10/30.

Thursday October 30th the annual 'So bad their good' horror movie night at Revere Showcase Cinema. Starting at 6pm, and for either 5 dollars a movie, or 12 dollars for all four.

6pm - The Bat - 1959 staring Vincent Price

7:20 - Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory - 1961
8:45 - House by the Cemetery (Italian) 1981

10:15 - Night of the living Dead - 1968

It's going to be a jam packed night tonight. You've got your pick of events to go to.

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The Dark Night on IMAX - Tonight!

10/30/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
CURSES! I have dinner plans tonight, otherwise I would be all over this event. After seeing it the first time in theaters, I've been waiting for the day that The Dark Night comes out on dvd so I can buy it and watch it again. Looks like those of you that are free tonight won't have to wait that long.

Why... so... serious? Put on your best Joker face and join in on the fun at the New England Aquarium’s Simons IMAX Theater on Thursday, Oct. 30 for a pre-Halloween bash and screening of the superhero hit, The Dark Knight. Come in costume and receive half off admission.

The Joker’s Wild party kicks off at 7 p.m. with Radio 92.9 FM spinning spine-chilling tunes and giving away prizes. Enjoy food, a costume contest, and a loaded “trick or treat” bag. Beer and wine will be sold. At 8:45 p.m., take a seat to experience Batman’s battle against the menacing Joker larger, louder and more intensely than ever before.

Tickets to the special screening are $12.95 or $6.50 for guests in costume. The admission price includes entrance into the Joker’s Wild party and the movie. Costume discount applies to 8:45 p.m. showing only and tickets must be purchased in person at the IMAX box office on Oct. 30. Online tickets can be purchased in advance at regular price.

Oh well, I will seek solace in my thai food tonight and patiently wait for the dvd to be released.

PS. There's also the 80's Prom party at the Harp tonight (here)

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80's Prom Party @ The Harp Tomorrow - 10/30

10/29/2008 10:15:00 AM 0 Responses
Happy Hump Day. I'm not too sure of anything going on tonight, but there's a great event coming up tomorrow. Stuff@Night and FNX Radio are teaming up to host an 80's Prom Party at the Harp. Here's what I could pull from the FNX site.

WHO: FNX & Coors Light
WHERE: The Harp
WHAT: It's Halloween Eve and what better way to celebrate then at the WFNX Halloween Prom Party. This year's theme is 1988: Heaven or Hell. Head bang to your favorite 80s music and dress up like you just crawled out of hell or fell from heaven. It's a free event sponsored by Coors Light and all you have to do is RSVP at

I loved the 80's. I'm always reminded of the movie The Wedding Singer. Don't forget to show up in your powder blue tux and ruffled shirt. Hopefully they'll play lots of Flock of Seagulls, Boy George, and The Cure.

And I ran ... I ran so far away ....

Click (here) for a link to the FNX event site.

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Commentary on the Mandarin Oriental

10/28/2008 05:05:00 AM 0 Responses
I walked past the Mandarin Oriental again this past weekend. The restaurants & bar were pretty packed albeit with an older crowd. As I walked passed it, I struggled to remember just what used to sit there in it's stead. The old Star Market was there and then aside from that, I can't really remember what else was there.

In my opinion it does seem to make Boylston seem a little bit crowded and claustrophobic. But it's a pretty nice looking building. Definitely a plus from what the area used to look like. Robert Campbell of the Globe has much more to say:

The Mandarin is a vast new brick-and-limestone complex of retail shops and restaurants, hotel rooms, luxury condos, and rental apartments that now stretches along much of the old Pru site between Exeter and Gloucester streets. As a chunk of urbanism, the Mandarin is a winner. The architecture is less successful, but we'll get to that later.

Things will get better. When all the Mandarin's stores are rented they'll display, I'm told, a largely unregulated variety of signage (just as does the north side of the street). The hope is that the signs will be emblems of individual initiatives springing up against the corporate reality of the building as a whole. And when the sidewalk trees recover and grow - today, they appear to be sick - they will help too.

Click (here) to read the rest of the editorial.

Click (here) to see some of the images that I snapped of the Mandarin Oriental.

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New TV Show - TNT's Bunker Hill

10/28/2008 04:52:00 AM 35 Responses
TNT is working on a new pilot starring Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan. It's going to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and is supposed to be Boston-based.

"Bunker Hill" is about a cop, played by Wahlberg, who comes back to Boston to serve and protect his peeps. Moynahan, who grew up in Longmeadow, plays the police officer's sister-in-law, with whom he has a love-hate relationship.

"We're trying to do it all in Boston," Wahlberg said in a text message. "That's the goal."

Woohoo. An actual tv show filmed in Boston. I heard there's a new show called Fringe (I haven't seen it) that's set in Boston but is actually filmed in New York. That will be awesome if we can start adding TV shows to the mix in addition to all the movies that we've been filming here.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

Update 11/6/08 - Filming Starts in December (here)

Update 11/20/08 - Bunker Hill will film in Charlestown (here)

Update 12/9/08 - BH Call Sign Spotted in Back Bay (here)

Update 12/9/08 - Bunker Hill extras casting call (here)

Update 12/10/08 - Bunker Hill filming at Bunker Hill Monument (here)

Update 12/10/08 - Bunker Hill filming on Medford St (here)

Update 12/11/08 - Pictures of Bunker Hill 12/10 film shoot (here)

Update 12/12/08 - Picture from Union Oyster House shoot (here)

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Slacklining - New Hobby?

10/27/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
I had my first encounter with slacklining last week at the Head of the Charles (here). I was walking along the River with some friends browsing through all the food stands that had set up shop and I saw a couple of guys trying to walk on a wobbly tightrope that had been set up between a couple of trees. I didn't think much of it and kept walking. Well apparently, it's a new "sport" that's popped up recently called slacklining.

Slacklining is a relatively young sport in which you walk on a "slack" band of flat nylon webbing anchored between two points, usually with slings around trees. Pioneered by West Coast rock climbers in the early '80s, slacklining has been booming in popularity in recent years, particularly on college campuses, and is catching on in Boston. This city's first organized club formed this summer, and its members set up their lines near the Hatch Shell on Sunday afternoons.

Seems pretty neat. I bet it helps work your core when you have to balance while walking across the slackline.

Click (here) for a link to the Globe article.

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Ne-Yo at Rumor this Monday - 10/27

10/24/2008 09:58:00 AM 0 Responses
I just got his newest album a couple of weeks ago, it's not bad. That song "Closer" is pretty popular these days I think. Anyway, Ne-Yo is going to be in Boston hosting an afterparty at Rumor this upcoming Monday.

Neyo hosts the afterparty for Monster Jam at Rumor with Nina Sky, Yung Berg, Brandy and more.

Click (here) to get your tickets.

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John Legend Tix On Sale Tomorrow - 10/25

10/24/2008 09:50:00 AM 0 Responses
To the fans of John Legend, try to remember to wake up tomorrow morning and get on ticketmaster to get your tickets. Tickets go on sale Saturday 10/25 at 10am EDT.

Or, for those of you with an Amex Gold card, there is a presale going on right now.

John Legend
Orpheum Theater
Tuesday Dec 2 @7:30pm

Click (here) to go to the Ticketmaster site.

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1000 Words - Jaeger-LeCoultre Launch Party

10/23/2008 10:58:00 AM 0 Responses
On Tuesday, a few friends and I went to the Stuff@Night Jaeger-LeCoultre Launch Party at Shreve, Crump, and Low. We had a great time, the ladies of the group got a chance to go back the vault where they keep the million dollar diamonds while the guys migrated back and forth between the food table and the bar.

Oh and shout out to Leah from Stuff@Night. It was a great event.

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Nicolas Cage's House in RI For Sale

10/23/2008 10:35:00 AM 2 Responses
I wonder why Nicolas Cage bought a place in Rhode Island of all places. But regardless, his place is for sale now if you'd like to purchase it.

Actor Nicolas Cage is reportedly selling a Rhode Island estate that he purchased just a little over a year ago. Lila Delman Real Estate is listing the Gray Craig estate in Middletown for $15.9 million, which is about $200,000 more than Cage purchased it for in August 2007.

The president of the real estate firm, Melanie Delman, told the Newport Daily News that the actor enjoyed his brief stay but his schedule did not allow him to spend as much time in the area as he had hoped. Cage had been spotted at some local eateries but did not appear at any public events. The 24,000-square-foot home near Sachuset Beach includes 12 bedrooms and 10 full bathrooms. It sits on 26 acres next to a wildlife sanctuary.

Maybe it was a vacation home?

Click (here) for a link to the Globe blurb.

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Edge Of Darkness 1 Rush Hour Traffic 0

10/23/2008 10:08:00 AM 0 Responses
Thanks to Bloggery Reader Matt for sending me a link to this article. Apparently, the scene they were filming was of Mel Gibson's body double driving through a toll booth. That's all well and good, but of all the times to do it, you chose rush hour?

A movie shoot slowed down rush hour traffic on the Massachusetts Turnpike Thursday morning. The crew from Mel Gibson's new film, "The Edge of Darkness," was shooting near the Weston tolls at the exit to Route 30 and Route 128. State Police told WBZ it was delaying the commute on the westbound side back to Newton Corner.

Turnpike Authority spokesman Mac Daniel told WBZ the crew has been shooting along the Pike for about a month. Daniel said they were approved to shoot at Thursday's location, but it's still unclear if anyone gave the o-k for them to shoot during rush hour.

So if you were late to work today, just tell your boss it was Mel Gibson's fault.

Click (here) for a link to the article.

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More Tom Brady Wedding Rumors

10/22/2008 10:09:00 AM 1 Response
Ok, this is my last Tom Brady post. I'm tired of writing about him, and you guys are probably tired of reading about him. Just wanted to fill you in on the latest wedding rumors.

Loyal readers of this The Bloggery first read about wedding rumors in May (here) when a couple of commenters said they were getting married in June. Then there was more buzz about three weeks ago (here) about them secretly "slipping off" to get married. Well, here's the latest.

Citing "sources," the New York Post reported yesterday that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are "ready to take the plunge." According to the tabloid, the Pats QB and his glamorous girlfriend are planning a wedding reception at New York's Tavern on the Green. We'll believe it when we see it. Asked about the Post report, our source said: "Absolutely not. No wedding plans for these two."

I think the New York Post's source needs to get together for lunch with the Boston Globe's source and get their stories straight.

PS. Did you notice that he's wearing a Yankees hat in that picture? Not cool.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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Tom Brady, Cavin Klein, and Entourage

10/22/2008 09:58:00 AM 0 Responses
Remember almost a year ago when I blogged about how Tom Brady was working on a deal with Calvin Klein to be their new celebrity underwear model (here)? Well it looks like he's backed out of the deal.

Earlier this year, Brady was in negotiations with Calvin Klein to front their upcoming campaign, but we’re told the NFL Quarterback felt too uncomfortable exposing himself and pulled the plug at the last minute.

And for those of you that watch Entourage (if you don't watch it, you should) you'll be happy to know that they're working on getting Tom Brady to make a cameo appearance in the show during the next season.

But let’s hope the injured Patriot isn’t too embarrassed to make a cameo in the next season of the hit HBO series "Entourage" now that he has some spare time on his hands. Although the fifth season has already been shot, fellow Boston-born boy (and the show’s producer) Mark Wahlberg has Brady down for the sixth season.

Also in the sixth season, Mark Wahlberg will talk to a goat. Just kidding.

PS. Say hi to your mother for me.

Click (here) for a link to the FoxNews article.

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2nd Knee Surgery for Tom Brady

10/22/2008 09:46:00 AM 0 Responses
For some reason, Tom Brady's was all over the news this week. So here come a series of Mr. Brady posts.

Tom Brady confirmed this week that he had a second procedure done on his knee to help combat an infection.

Brady originally underwent surgery on October 6 in Los Angeles to repair a torn ACL. Doctors said the surgery went well, but the reigning NFL MVP began feeling ill after developing an infection.

"Unfortunately, in the week following the (initial) surgery, I developed an infection," Brady wrote. "The infection is very treatable and, through a course of antibiotics, it will be knocked out of my system. We were proactive with the infection and the doctors went in for a second procedure this past Wednesday to clean and to test the wound. The results of the tests have all been positive."

Good luck to Tom and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Click (here) for a link to the article.

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Celtics National Anthem Audtion - TODAY

10/21/2008 09:54:00 AM 0 Responses
Sorry for the short notice, but I was just told about this last night. The Celtics are holding auditions for National Anthem singers today, 10/21 from 1pm-6pm. If you get chosen, you'll be asked to perform during the 10/31 game against the Chicago Bulls.

The 2008 World Champion Boston Celtics are looking for talented vocalists and musicians to perform the National Anthem at the team’s home games throughout the 2008-09 NBA season. Talented groups, instrumentalists, children and other unique performers are invited to attend the auditions on Tuesday, October 21 from 1 p.m. - 6 p.m., held in Legends at the TD Banknorth Garden, located on level three of the arena.

The performer with the best audition, as determined by the judges, will be invited to perform the National Anthem before the Celtics game against the Chicago Bulls on Friday, October 31.

All you singers out there that are looking for your fifteen minutes, hopefully you can free up your afternoon and head over to the TD Banknorth.

Good Luck!

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Edge of Darkness Film Schedule 10/21-10/24

10/21/2008 09:49:00 AM 2 Responses
Many thanks to all the readers out there who emailed or commented about this week's film schedule for Edge of Darkness (here).

I had two folks comment/email that they will be filming in Roslindale this week:

They are filming at 68 Bradfield in Roslindale from Oct 21-24. As a resident of the area, I find it kind of disruptive. They have taken over. But, hey, I guess it is good for the economy...

Any idea what type of building 68 Bradfield is? And what kind of scene they might be filming?

Thanks for the update everyone. If anyone has any other info feel free to chime in!

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Latest Edge of Darkness Film Schedule?

10/20/2008 11:15:00 AM 5 Responses
This request in from Bloggery Reader Jesse. Unfortunately, I don't have it this week, so if anyone else does - we'd be much obliged:

Do you have the "Edge of Darkness" locations and production schedule for this week (10/19-10/26)?

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1000 Words - Head of the Charles 2008

10/20/2008 12:41:00 AM 0 Responses
Twas a wee bit chilly on Sunday, but we had a good showing to support our friend Skip in his race (here). As you can see, there was a great turnout for the event overall - not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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1000 Words - Wellfleet Oyster Festival

10/20/2008 12:28:00 AM 1 Response
Wellfleet was a great time. Raw oysters, fried oysters, oysters rockefeller, oyster stew - it was pretty awesome. And congrats to my friend dwillens for taking 3rd place in their annual spelling bee.

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Head of the Charles Regatta This Weekend

10/17/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
Thank goodness the weekend is almost here because it's going to be a good one. I'll be at the OysterFest Saturday and looks like I'll be heading to the Head of the Charles Regatta on Sunday. This weekend marks the 44th Head of the Charles Regatta.

Head Of The Charles Regatta®, the world's largest two-day rowing event, was first held on October 16, 1965. The race was established by the Cambridge Boat Club members D'Arcy MacMahon, Howard McIntyre, and Jack Vincent, with the advice of Harvard University sculling instructor Ernest Arlett. Arlett proposed that a "head of the river" race similar in tradition to races held in his native England, be held on the Charles River.

Over the past 45 years, the Head Of The Charles regatta has grown tremendously. Today, more than 7,500 athletes from around the world compete in 55 different race events. The Regatta grew to a two-day event in 1997 and now attracts up to 300,000 spectators during the October weekend.

Also, a special shout out to my fraternity brother Skip who will be racing:

[He'll] be racing in the Men's Lightweight 8 for Riverside Boat Club (blue and white vertical stripe oars, blue and white stripe uni). The race is staggered at the start and bow #1 goes through the start line at BU at 2:42 PM. We have bow #5. I think a good place to watch would be the Weeks footbridge at Harvard (~5 min. walk to the river from Harvard T).

Should be a great time, I'll see you guys there.

Click (here) to go to the event site.

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Wellfleet Oyster Festival This Weekend

10/17/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
The time has come to eat lots of oysters. I told ya'll last month when I missed the Island Creek Festival that I would do my darnedest to make it to the Wellfleet Oyster Festival (here). And guess what? It's here. Coming up this weekend is the 8th annual Wellfleet Oyster Festival.

The eighth annual Wellfleet OysterFest takes place the weekend after Columbus Day, Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19, 2008, in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Mass. This two-day street party celebrates the town's famous oysters, clams and shellfishing traditions and brings together locals and visitors alike for a weekend full of hometown flavor and big time fun.

The town center becomes a walking district that offers something for everyone: local cuisine, arts and crafts, children's activities, educational exhibits, live music and the Oyster Shuck-Off competition.

My friends and I will be heading there on Saturday and will pretty much be there all day. See you guys there!

Click (here) for a link to the event site.

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Cheap Lobster for Everyone

10/16/2008 12:01:00 AM 1 Response
US stocks aren't the only things going for cheap lately. Apparently, the soft economy is also affecting lobster pricing - and it's lower now than ever. Curse my bad luck - my doctor just told me I have high cholesterol - so I should probably be cutting down on the seafood.

Over the past six months, the price local lobstermen are earning for their catch has plummeted -- dropping from about $6 a pound in the spring to less than $3 now. At the same time, the cost of diesel and bait has surged.

Eddie Hook, owner of the Boston-based wholesaler James Hook & Co., said he can't remember the industry facing such dire straits. He's now selling lobster -- at the downtown location that burned down this year -- for $5.99 a pound, down from $7.99 a pound a few weeks ago.

Lobster mac and cheese, lobster rolls, lobster with ginger and scallion ... I'm drooling on my keyboard a little.

Click (here) to read the Globe article.

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Bride Wars Trailer

10/16/2008 12:01:00 AM 1 Response
The trailer for Bride Wars is out. Pretty quick turnaround considering they were just filming five or six months ago. I watched the trailer - didn't really recognize any scenes - and then filed it under "movies I don't plan on seeing" just like the other recent Boston movie "The Women."

Take a look at the trailer below and let me know if you recognize any scenes from around town.

Recognize anything? I couldn't.

Click (here) to read past posts on the filming of Bride Wars.

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1000 Words - Mandarin Oriental

10/15/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
I was at the Hotel Intercontinental on Friday evening grabbing a couple drinks. Anyway, while I was there, I was chatting with a couple of Morgan Stanley folks who were telling me about how I should check out the bar at the new Mandarin Oriental - the hotel opened last week.

I still haven't had a chance to check out the bar yet (anyone interested?) but I did take a walk around just to take a look during the weekend.

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Vineyard Vines Coming to Prudential

10/15/2008 12:01:00 AM 2 Responses
This is for Bloggery Reader Kaitlin who emailed me asking about the Vineyard Vines that's opening up in Boston soon. It's going to be in the Prudential Center where Talbots used to be.

Happy shopping everyone. Only one more month until it opens.

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Donut Cheeseburger @ Donna's Donuts

10/14/2008 12:01:00 AM 1 Response
Wonder why we have an obesity problem in America? It's because everyday someone comes up with a new and zany (yet somewhat delicious sounding) foodstuff. The latest that I read about were a couple of donut creations brought to us by the folks at Donna's Donuts in Tewskbury.

When you wake up before dawn to make sugary breakfast treats, bizarre things can happen. Dreams invade reality, and donuts become cheeseburgers. That's what happens at Donna's Donuts in Tewksbury, where a chocolate honey-dipped (the "burger") is put inside the shell of a jelly donut (the bun) and slathered with Bavarian cream (the cheese) to create a sweet cheeseburger-lookalike ($1.68 each). People have been driving all the way from Cape Cod to try this new double donut sensation. To keep things entertaining, Donna's just added a meatball sub donut to their cult classics. This stoner mirage consists of donut holes (the meatballs) tucked into a cruller (the sub roll) with cream. Consume with copious amounts of coffee and expand your to-do list.

It's been about three years since I've had a donut, so I don't think I'll be driving to Tewskbury anytime soon. But, if anyone out there has had one, let me know how it is. I'm curious to know. I dunno if I could handle the sugar overload. I'm on a diet as it is, not sure a donut filled with another donut would be good for me.

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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Edge of Darkness Film Schedule This Week

10/13/2008 12:01:00 AM 2 Responses
This from Bloggery Reader Ed. He left the schedule as a comment, but it was so nice and comprehensive that I wanted to make sure that everyone sees it. I hope it's all correct. I'll try to swing by South Station later this week when they film to check it out.

Here is the upcoming weeks shooting schedule...

Filming will return to Gannon Golf Course in Lynn to finish exterior shooting as well as interior shooting of a doctors office in the clubhouse.

Exterior filming in Boston at Carlton Wharf.

Exterior filming at Atlantic Street South Station.

Thanks Ed!

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Super 88 Closing 3 Storefronts

10/13/2008 12:01:00 AM 1 Response
I used to get all my Asian groceries from Super 88 - particularly the one near BU. Lately, though, I've noticed that a few of the storefronts were running a little bare on inventory. An article in the Globe yesterday confirmed that they are indeed going to close three of their stores.

In the past month, the Boston-based Asian food grocery chain, which specializes in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, and other Southeast Asian goods, closed three small stores, in Quincy, the South End, and its original location in Chinatown, which opened in 1978.

Frank said the company will now refocus the business on its larger, remaining stores, in Allston, Dorchester, and Malden - which are all 20,000 square feet or larger.

I do most of my Asian grocery shopping in Chinatown, so I guess my business will be going to C-Mart instead.

Good luck to the folks at Super 88 as they try to revamp their business.

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John Travolta at Topsfield Fair

10/13/2008 12:01:00 AM 1 Response
Anyone have any idea why John Travolta might be in the area? According to the Salem News, he was supposedly at the Topsfield Fair this past weekend with his kids. Did he come all the way out here just to go to the fair?

Actor John Travolta was at the Topsfield Fair, but he kept a low profile. "We understand that he's here with his children," said Sally O'Maley, the head of public relations for the fair. "But no one has seen him."

According to O'Maley, Travolta's visit was a surprise even to her. She, along with many others, first heard about the planned visit yesterday morning when it was announced on the radio.

"Kiss 108 had it on this morning," she said. After that, her phone was bombarded with calls from patrons who wanted to know if the rumor was true.

Anyone happen to go to the fair and see him?

Click (here) for a link to the article.

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Hooters in Saugus Now Open

10/13/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
When the Hooters in North Station closed, I was a little sad because that's where I used to watch UFC matches (they're not worth $40 on pay-per-view). But it looks like the dry spell is over, the new Hooters in Saugus is finally open and the Globe just reviewed it. Conclusion? A surprising number of families were there (women and children included) and if you're going to eat something, stick with the fried food.

The minute we pulled into the parking lot at Hooters on Route 1, we knew we weren't in for an ordinary night. Every spot was taken, and the first person we spotted was a teenage boy wearing an "I [heart] [heart] twins" T-shirt saying goodbye to a woman who appeared to be his mother. There was a line of people waiting to get in, and they weren't just men eager to ogle busty waitresses in skimpy orange shorts and tight tank tops. They were children, teenagers, grandparents . . . entire families milling about during the hour wait for a table.

...we recommend sticking with the fried stuff. Even the floor here is greasy, so why fight it?

UFC 89 is this Saturday and UFC 90 is the following week. Who's up for a trip to Saugus this weekend?

Click (here) for a link to the Globe article

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Photo Contest Has EoD Producers A Little Peeved

10/10/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
The Daily Hampshire Gazette, a local paper in Northampton, is running a photo contest that has the folks at Edge of Darkness a little peeved.

A photo contest run by the Daily Hampshire Gazette has Boston Casting warning its "Edge of Darkness" extras to not take pictures on the set of the Mel Gibson movie in exchange for gift certificates from "local news organizations." The movie has been filming outdoor shots in the Northampton area since last week, and Gazette managing editor Larry Parnass confirmed the paper has indeed offered readers $25 gift cards to local businesses in exchange for their best set pics.

Film spokesman Blaise Noto downplayed the whole affair, saying he spoke with the paper and it's all good. "There's no issue with it," he said. "It's cool." Noto said lots of folks have gathered to watch Gibson and Co. film outside the downtown courthouse and in nearby Amherst. They just need to mind set protocol, he said. "When they say roll, don't talk. If you take a photo, don't use a flash."

Aww, looks like the rise of a small paparazzi culture in Boston. But sadly, the celebrities don't actually live here, so there isn't much of an opportunity to snap pics. Don't quit your day jobs.

Click (here) to read the Globe blurb.

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Hell's Kitchen Casting Call - 10/12

10/10/2008 12:01:00 AM 0 Responses
Now THIS is a casting call I would love to attend. Except I'm not a real cook, I just dabble at home. I also don't think I can handle getting yelled at by Gordon Ramsay all the time. Thanks to Bloggery Reader Pamela for the reminder, I saved the Globe blurb, but hadn't yet had a chance to blog about it.

Hit Fox reality show "Hell's Kitchen" holds an open casting call Sunday at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, the show's first auditions here. "We are in love with Boston," gushed casting producer Lisa Ganz, "because Boston has the best characters in America, and also the most talented characters. We know they have some of the best chefs in the country." The show's looking for skilled, outspoken, and competitive cooks, 21 and older, who can hang with tough-love chef Gordon Ramsay.

Here's a few more details the Hell's Kitchen website:
SUNDAY OCTOBER 12th, 2008 10am- 6pm
Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers
50 Park Plaza at Arlington St. Boston, MA 02116

Click (here) to go to the Hell's Kitchen website. Look on the lower left for the casting calls link.

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Makeup Master Class with Gina Brooke - 10/16

10/09/2008 12:01:00 AM 1 Response
I know pretty much nothing about makeup, but I'm sure the ladies out there do. Especially if you're into the celebrity scene. Gina Brooke, Madonna's make up artist, is going to be doing a master class in Boston on 10/16 and they're currently taking reservations for the class.

shu uemura Artistic Director Gina Brooke, who is also Madonna’s makeup artist, and currently on the Sticky & Sweet tour with Madonna, is hosting a Master Class at the shu uemura boutique on October 16th. It’s a great opportunity for shu fans to meet with Gina—she’s taking a break from her tour duties to host her guests; literally fitting this Master Class in between Madonna’s concerts!

WHAT: Master Class with Gina Brooke, celebrity makeup artist

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008 from 9 AM to 11 AM (by appointment with $250 pre-pay redeemable in product)

WHERE: shu uemura @ 130 Newbury St.

HOW: Call to book your seat. T: (617) 247-3500

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