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The Globe had a few more details as to why Robert De Niro left Edge of Darkness. Those involved with the movie are sticking to the "creative differences" story.

Why did Robert De Niro really leave "Edge of Darkness"? The gossip mill's been churning since the Oscar-winning actor abruptly left the Mel Gibson cop drama last week. Both sides insist the parting was mutual and did indeed stem from "creative differences," as first reported. Still, "there's been a lot of erroneous stuff floating around," said producer Graham King, including chatter that De Niro was fired from the set-in-Boston flick. "We couldn't fire Bob De Niro. I mean, c'mon," King said.

De Niro and director Martin Campbell just saw his character, a CIA crime-scene operative, too differently, King continued. Campbell sees the character as humorous, while "Bob saw it as more of a dry character," King said.

Does he really go by Bob De Niro? Well it's not like Bob needs the paycheck or anything. Any word yet on who's replacing him?

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

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