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Leah Larson from Sharon, MA is a finalist in a Wells Fargo competition to win $100K to help make her dream of running a magazine come true.  She's already won $10K and is now one of five going up for the final prize.  Here's a little more background:

Wells Fargo launched an online contest called Someday Stories where people from across the US wrote about their dreams, aspirations, etc. and how $100,000 (the grand prize) would help them in their pursuit of their dream. Out out of the thousands of people that entered, five finalists were selected - one from Sharon, MA, 17-year-old Leah Larson, editor/blogger of YALDAH Magazine, a quarterly magazine that is geared towards Jewish women and girls, life, values and creativity. The publication is a huge hit and the blog is taking off, unfortunately subscriptions alone can't cover her operating costs. This is where the contest comes in. She's hoping to win and really blow her concept out of the water.

As of right now, it looks like Leah's in the lead with 1429 votes (1430 now that I've voted), hopefully all of you can log into the page and vote for her - a little bit of Massachusetts spirit. Looks like it's actually her mother Evelyn who entered the contest to help her daughter out, so the entrant you're looking for is Evelyn from MA.  

After you register to vote, click on Evelyn's video on the left hand side and then on the upper left corner of the video, there is a "Vote" button.   

Click (here) to go to the contest website. 

Good luck to Evelyn and her mother Leah.  Whether you win or not (and hopefully you do), best of luck in launching your magazine!

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2 Response to "Vote for a Local Girl Leah Larson to Win Contest"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks so much for writing about us! My daughter has an amazing spirit. Her magazine is soon to be in local bookstores in MA and other states. Check out her website. Go girl!

    Posted on 9/24/08, 10:24 PM

  2. Leah Larson Said,

    Thanks so much for spreading the word! I just created a widget with info, links & a countdown of how many dates are left to vote. You can embed it in your blog by going to (scroll to the bottom of the homepage) and click 'share' on the bottom left corner of the widget. You'll get lots of options for sharing on facebook, myspace, blogs, e-mail, etc.
    Thanks again!
    Leah @ YALDAH

    Posted on 10/3/08, 12:31 PM


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