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Congrats to Flavie and the rest of the Thrillist team on an incredible Boston launch party last night at Foundation Lounge. It was just three short months ago that Thrillist launched their Boston edition (here) and from the looks of the packed Lounge last night, they've been kicking ass and taking names.

The Becks beer and Skyy vodka was flowing freely last night, but the definite highlight of the evening was the "Miracle Fruit."

Aside from the usual ass-kickerry that is to be expected from all Thrillist events, this one is going to have a special bonus in store for attendees...we will have Miracle Fruit at the event. Miracle Fruit is a small bright red berry, which, when eaten will turn all sour/bitter tastes to sweet ones allowing one to eat a slice of lemon or lime without wincing.

The marvelous aroma and inherent sweetness of the citrus remains but the sourness is almost completely covered. Additionally, it rounds out and removes all harshness from liquor, bringing forward the undertone flavors of the spirit. The effect remains for approximately 30 minutes.

This Miracle Fruit was CRAZY! I really was chewing on lemon slices like they were Skittles.

Good times, when's/where's the next launch party? NYC? Miami? I have half a mind to travel there just to attend another Thrillist party.

Oh and if you haven't subscribed to Thrillist yet, go (here) now.

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