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This ain't good. Robert De Niro has reportedly quit "Edge of Darkness." Can you do that? Just up and quit a movie? I guess it's lucky that he did it now at the start of filming, it'd be terrible if he quit halfway through.

Robert De Niro has quit Martin Campbell-directed drama 'Edge of Darkness' due to "creative differences. The movie's shooting started less than a month ago - and the actor announced leaving the project just days after arriving on the set in Massachusetts. "Sometimes things don't work out; it's called creative differences," Variety quoted a spokesman for the actor, as saying ... The filmmaker is now hunting for a replacement for De Niro.

Anyone want to take bets on who they'll get to replace him? Hopefully someone equally famous/notable.

Also, many thanks to the commenters that brought this to my attention. Credit to "R" and "Anonymous". Thanks guys!

Click (here) for a link to the article.

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