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I'm Going To Be In Edge of Darkness!

9/09/2008 10:00:00 AM
Ok that's a lie. To be more accurate, something that I used to own will be in Edge of Darkness (hopefully).

So here's the backstory. My dad is an Asian antiques dealer back home. Over the last couple of months, I've been working on a project to help him to explore the New England market to see if there is any demand. To do so, I set up a booth at the Cambridge Antique Market (here) and the Rhode Island Antiques Mall (here) as a test.

So this past weekend, I swung by the Cambridge Antique Market to chat with Michele, the wonderful sales lady that works the 2nd floor there (where my booth is) and she mentioned to me that one of the products that I sold - a set of miniature vases depicting the cloisonne making process - was sold to the folks from Edge of Darkness to be used as a prop.

AWESOME! I hope it's true and I hope that those little vases actually make it into the movie. When the movie comes out, I'm going to be staring intently at all backgrounds to see if the vases show up. If you look at the picture in this post, it's the set of 5 small vases on the upper left hand corner of the showcase. w00t!

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