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Does Anyone Miss Their Trans Fat?

9/18/2008 12:01:00 AM
What happens when Boston bans trans fat? I flee the country. Ok, just kidding. It was purely coincidental that I hopped on a plane bound for Hong Kong right as the trans fat ban went into effect late last week.

Beginning today, the city’s 5,600 restaurants, grocery stores and other food establishments must begin eliminating oils, shortenings and margarines containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oil as a spread or for frying, sauteing or grilling. Six months from now, the ban will also apply to baked goods, mixes, partially fried items and all other foods containing artificial, artery-clogging trans fat.

Has anyone noticed if stuff tastes different? Or if there's certain foods you can't find anymore? Anyone in the restaurant business want to voice any complaints on what this ban might do to your costs? Just curious.

My opinion pretty much hasn't changed since I last blogged about this in January (here). I still don't like the idea of the government telling me what I can and cannot eat. But overall, I don't think this is going to effect my daily life. Penny for your thoughts?

Click (here) for a link to the Herald article.

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1 Response to "Does Anyone Miss Their Trans Fat?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    The argument that government is telling you what you can eat lacks merit. Speaking hypothetically - this not the same as the government banning (let's say) red meat because it's bad for you. A more appropriate comparison would be the government banning an unnecessary additive that causes cancer. In this case, the additive - transfat - causes irreversible heart disease that kills people. Be glad you won't be eating that killer stuff anymore.

    Posted on 9/18/08, 10:37 AM


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