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Baskin Robbins Gets Reinvented

9/03/2008 12:01:00 AM
Opening last week in the relatively new Patriot Place in Foxboro is a new incarnation of Baskin Robbins. It's more than just ice cream now. Kind of like a more casual Finale?

Based loosely on the company's Baskin Cafes in Korea, the new concept is twice the size of an average ice cream shop, at 2,000 square feet, and filled with long purple couches, cushy pink seats, and stools. Stephanie Panek, the 25-year-old pastry chef and recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University, serves up way more than ice cream, offering chocolate fondue, cheesecake on a stick, caramel ginger apple crisp, and ice cream cake by the slice. Across from her pastry station is a 6-foot-long build-your-own sundae bar with a fresh whipped cream machine.

Might be pretty cool to check out, except for the fact that its all the way in Foxboro. Not worth it to spend 30 bucks on gas just to get an ice cream sundae. Maybe the next time I'm on my way to a Patriots game or Bass Pro Shops, I can make a brief detour.

Oh and speaking of getting ideas from our sister stores/restaurants in Asia, someone from the US branch of 7-Eleven needs to take a trip to Japan or Taiwan. The 7-Eleven's there are wayyyyy better.

Click (here) for the Globe article.

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1 Response to "Baskin Robbins Gets Reinvented"

  1. Unknown Said,

    I'll totally second your comment on 7-11's. They're freakin' awesome over here!!

    Posted on 9/3/08, 2:32 AM


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