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Zipcar Low Car Diet Results

8/14/2008 11:22:00 AM
Well, the Low Car Diet is over and it was pretty interesting. I just filled out the exit survey and it really made me think about how much I'm spending on my car. When you look at the math, it is pretty absurd.

Car Payment: $400 a month
Parking Garage: $300 a month
Car Insurance: $100 a month
Gas: $100 a month
Tolls, Repairs, Etc: $100 a month

Total Car Ownership Costs: ~$1000 a month

Renting the Prius for 3 Hours: ~$40 bucks

All I can say is ... OUCH!

In terms of other aspects of the low car diet. I didn't walk much more than I usually do. But, I basically went from never riding the T to using it whenever I did some grocery shopping or going somewhere that I would normally drive (that was T accessible).

In the end, I most likely won't give up my car. For the time being I can still afford it. But it has got me thinking because $1K a month is no laughing matter.

Click (here) to read my review of the Zipcar experience.

PS. I've got another reservation for the Prius this Saturday. Barring any gas issues, I'm hoping for a smooth ride.

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1 Response to "Zipcar Low Car Diet Results"

  1. fibrowitch Said,

    That is quite a monthly bill you have there. Me, I paid off my car, don't ever drive, if I can T. I only spend 79.00 a month on car insurance (since it's paid off) and gas + tolls/parking are about 100 a month.

    Since you can afford it, maybe try paying your car off early, the money you save in interest on the loan and car insurance is significant.

    Posted on 8/14/08, 7:26 PM


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