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Tips on Flying Business to Asia

8/27/2008 12:01:00 AM
Just a word of advice to those of you out there that travel a lot on business. If you ever need to fly to Asia, be sure to get a travel agent that specializes in Asia to help you. And shop around as well, not all travel agents are created equal.

When I went back to Hong Kong in January, I used a local travel agent to help me look for tickets and ended up paying about $6800 to fly business on JAL from JFK to Hong Kong. It was a lot better than anything I could find online by myself.

Fast foward to this week. I went to the same travel agent, she said I could fly Northwest and it'd be about $5600. I decided to ask one of my business associates for his travel agents contact info and guess what, I'm flying Northwest and I paid $3800.

Moral of the story - shop around. And definetly use a travel agent. When I went on the website myself, I tried getting a price quote on the website for business class to HK and it showed up as $11K. Insanity.

Oh and just my own opinion, if i had to rank the quality of airlines - JAL and Cathay Pacific would definitely be at the top. American carriers are not nearly as good (ie: Continental or Northwest).

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2 Response to "Tips on Flying Business to Asia"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Would you be willing to give the info for the good travel agent? I am about to book a flight to Sri Lanka and if I could afford it, I would definitely prefer business class...I just assumed it would be $10K.

    Thanks for the advice!

    Posted on 8/27/08, 9:29 AM

  2. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Hi DA,

    The travel agency i used specializes in China, so I'm not sure if they'll be able to help with Sri Lanka, but it's worth a shot. Here's their website.

    You might need to find an agent that specializes in flights to india or the middle east and then catch a connecting flight into Sri Lanka.

    Good Luck,


    Posted on 8/27/08, 2:14 PM


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