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I love street food, especially in Hong Kong - man that stuff is delicious. The problem is in Asia many times the street food may be cheap, but the hepatitis A is free.

Those of you out there that went to MIT will agree that the food there was awful and it wasn't one of those all you can eat cafeteria's so you paid a la carte and it was expensive. A cheaper/better alternative was eating at the food trucks that would pull up to campus each day. Mine was a diet of Goosebeary's or falafel every day as a student for several years.

Fast forward to today, Details magazine has a feature on some of the best street food around the country and a place called Boston Speed's Famous Hot Dog Wagon made the cut.

Boston Speed’s Famous Hot Dog Wagon or Speed’s Hot Dogs Sausage virtuoso and keeper of unpredictable hours Ezra “Speed” Anderson brings shame to the dirty-water dogs sold elsewhere around the country. Since 1975, inside a trailer he parks in an industrial lot in Roxbury, the eightysomething former DJ has been charcoal-grilling mass-produced franks that have been marinated in a mixture of apple cider, spices, and brown sugar (blessedly, he grills the buns, too). Then he slathers them in homemade chili, sweet relish, mustard, and a barbecuelike “special” sauce. Ketchup is not on offer—Speed thinks it’s kid stuff. 54 Newmarket Square, 617-839-0102

It's been a while since I've had a hot dog. The last one I had was probably from the Costco food counter. This does sound good though, might be cause for a field trip.

PS. To all those BU Medical people that I've been hanging out with lately. Speed's is a couple of blocks south of ya'll - go check it out and report back.

Click (here) for a link to the Details spread.

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1 Response to "Speed’s Hot Dogs in Details Magazine"

  1. MC Slim JB Said,

    Too bad the Details reporter appears to have gotten all his facts from the April 2008 Wall Street Journal article that named Speed's the best hot dog in America. Ezra "Speed" Anderson has been retired for months now; his apprentice bought the cart and is upholding the quality nicely, but the new guy keeps much more regular hours and works faster.

    Posted on 8/28/08, 11:21 AM


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