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Ever have one of those dreams where you're running around and everything is going wrong and you're all stressed out - and then you wake up and you don't feel rested at all? That's what last night was like. ugh.

Anyhoo, Poison is playing tonight at the Bank of America Pavillion and the Hard Rock Cafe is hosting the official after-party. According to the metro, Bret Michaels will be in attendance for the after-party.

I've seen a few commercials for Rock of Love (his reality show) and if tonight's after party is even half as crazy as an episode of that show, you're gonna want to be there to watch.

The party starts at 11pm.

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1 Response to "Official Bret Michaels After Party - 8/7"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    The after party did resemble a scene or two from Bret's show Rock of Love. Which included a two girl "smack down" commencing with a bare-breasted finish. Tensions were high as fans could not wait patiently for Bret to autograph photos or their own body parts. The bouncers at the Hard Rock looked a little frazzled during the many pushing and shoving matches.

    Bret Michaels however proved that he would not disappoint any of his fans in attendance. He signed what seemed like endless autographs and then posed for individual pictures with each of his beaming fans. I will cherish my photo of Bret and me forever!

    Posted on 8/9/08, 2:15 PM


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