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Bad news. On top of all those news stories that we've been reading about how airlines are charging for luggage, they're charging for pillows, airfare is going to skyrocket, and so on and so forth - they're also cutting routes.

Jetblue, which is by far my favorite airline to fly (except for maybe Singapore Airlines or JAL) just announced that they're cutting two of their nonstop flights from Boston into CA.

JetBlue Airways Corp. plans to disclose today that in September it will eliminate nonstop service between Boston and San Francisco and San Jose, Calif., due to rising fuel costs.

JetBlue's twice-daily nonstop flights between Boston and Oakland will continue after the San Francisco route stops on Sept. 3 and the San Jose trips end Sept. 16. The carrier also plans to reveal today that in December and January it will offer a second daily flight between Boston and San Juan and a once-daily flight between Boston and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Who needs California, I'd rather go to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic anyway - it's a shorter flight too.

Click (here) for the blurb.

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