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Another day, another Hollywood movie being filmed in Boston. No details yet on exactly when the filming will start other than "this Fall," but JLo is going to be in town filming a new romantic comedy called "The Governess."

When she was dating Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez was a frequent visitor to our fair city. Not so much anymore. But that's about to change. Yari Film Group announced yesterday that JLo will be in Boston this fall to film "The Governess." The romantic comedy, directed by Nigel Cole, was written by Kevin Wade and Wendy Braff, with a polish by script doctor Don Roos, whose credits include "The Opposite of Sex" and "Bounce." (Wade, incidentally, wrote the Lopez movie "Maid in Manhattan.") "The Governess" is about a professional thief who, in order to pull off a major bank heist, poses as a nanny to the three unruly children of a wealthy widower.

I'll keep a look out for casting calls and such prior to the filming and of course, those yellow movie call sign placards that are posted throughout the city while filming is going on.

Speaking of casting calls, if you missed my post from yesterday, the casting call for Edge of Darkness (Mel Gibson's movie) is tomorrow (here).

Click (here) for the Globe blurb.

UPDATE 9/29/08 - Filming has been delayed (here)

UPDATE 12/24/08 - Filming might start in January (here)

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1 Response to "Jennifer Lopez Filming "The Governess" In Boston"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I just checked IMDB. The page for the movie now says "In Development" and has no other info. It is not listed on Lopez's page. Delayed? Canceled? Maybe Lopez pulled out and they are looing for a replacement?

    Posted on 2/5/09, 11:41 AM


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