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It's been a couple months since I've read anything about the James Hook Lobster Company after the devastating fire that burned their site down (here). Everyone (including me) can breathe a sigh of relief - the family is going to rebuild.

Don your bibs, the Hook family plans to reopen for business within a week or two. Yesterday, the Hook family oversaw the delivery of two modular trailers at the site. And the family said they are hiring an architect and builder to erect a company headquarters there, one that owner Al Hook promised will be "very, very similar" to the edifice that burned.

"That's what people liked, that little fish shack," Hook said yesterday, standing on the excavated site. "We basically want to go back to the same thing."

I'm psyched, and I'm sure several of my clients are as well. Everytime they came to Boston, they'd insist that I take them to James Hook on the way to the airport so that they could bring lobsters back home with them.

And then on a personal note, I recently made some homemade lobster rolls and some lobster mac and cheese after my recent trip to Rockport (here). I'd love to do some more experimenting with lobsters without having to make the drive out to Rockport.

Click (here) to read the Globe article.

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2 Response to "James Hook Lobster Co - In It To Win It"

  1. Rhea Said,

    Fantastic news! The rustic fish shack with the crooked lettering -- that is what made James Hook!

    Posted on 8/4/08, 10:22 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    This is such great news! I walk past this every day on my walk to work from the North End to the Seaport, and it is wonderful to hear that it will be up and running very shortly!

    Posted on 8/5/08, 11:46 AM


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